‘So he wants 80 million unemployed?’ says Hilton


Steve Hilton said on his Sunday night show on Fox News, ‘The Next Revolution,’ that Dr. Fauci is following an old playbook for a different disease.

“You saw similar death rates in countries that had no shut down in countries that had even tougher shutdowns. Dr. Fauci says the virus spread because we only locked down 50% of the country. What? So he wants to see 80 million unemployed, 200,000 small businesses go bust, twice as many medical operations cancel, twice as most domestic violence, twice as much substance abuse, twice as much child abuse, haven’t we suffered enough Dr. Fauci. What is wrong with these people. They have no idea what they’re doing. Dr. Fauci is following an old playbook for a different disease.“


Meanwhile, Speaker Pelosi has set about destroying Dr. Birx’s reputation. Dr. Deborah Birx is the coordinator of the President’s task force and she dared say things are getting better.

Pelosi is eating her own, the very liberal Dr. Birx, because of one comment that didn’t fit the tale.

This is what Dr. Birx said that got Pelosi’s cancel culture machine operating on social media:

“The day that they’re talking about that I was, quote, “pollyannaish,” it said there was improvement in the New York metro, but ongoing cases in Boston and Chicago and new outbreak in Houston and full logarithmic spread and new concerning outbreaks in Baltimore and New Haven and Washington, D.C. This was not a pollyannaish view, and I have never been called pollyannaish or nonscientific or non-data-driven, and I will stake my 40-year career on those fundamental principles of utilizing data to really implement better programs to save more lives,” she added.




  1. Powerful forces want either Trump removed or the USA destroyed. This is serious business. Far too few “leaders” are speaking up on behalf of the USA. Birx has shown some honesty at times, but also poor judgement, especially in the beginning. Her poor judgment is shown again, by praising Pelosi, giving her incredible and undue respect, after Pelosi just attacked her credibility. The leftists she praises and looks up to do not care about healthy, they want power. Birx loses hands down by praising the irrational Pelosi.

    • Those “powerful forces” want BOTH….the US manufacturing capability would have been reduced to “zilch” had the Trans Pacific Pact been signed…as the “politicians” advocated !!! Pelosi, nay the entire DNC, and many rino’s appear to have “globalist” aspirations…and Obama seems to have been slated as the 1st UN administrator of the ex USA…

  2. Over the last 5 yrs., “NASTY” has PROVEN that she’s vile, wicked & evil! AND!
    Here she is attempting to destroy her OWN!!!

    She has UTTERLY NO CONCEPT of decency NOR OF values…she ONLY CARES about DESTROYING others, & TOTALLY CONTROLLING!!

    NEVER FORGET her vile & UTTERLY disrespectful action towards our POTUS, (after his “SOTU”),…when she tore up the document!!!

    She’s DEFINITELY spiritually empowered by cretins of HATRED!!!

  3. A previous analysis comparing Italy to S.Korea has the cases per million at nearly identical levels, 152 for Italy and 146 for S.Korea. The dramatic differences were in total deaths, 463 for Italy and 54 for S.Korea. The notable difference in treatment was S.Korea had a regimen using HCQ.

    Another analysis of the Moderna mRNA vaccine seems to show much more issues than what has been reported. The “first” vaccine dose didn’t have symptoms too harsh, but the second vaccination had many symptoms in the severe category. Considering these trials are specific to proteins rather than the virus itself there isn’t data on whether a cytokine storm will occur at a later date. There is no way to determine that unless the virus itself is present.

  4. I watched Birx on Fox and Friends about the “wearing goggles” issue. She was laughing and joking about how you could decorate them and “bedazzle them” making them cool. She thought this was a laughing matter. The hosts were looking at her like she had a booger hanging out of her nose.

    Trump needs to do like Tucker Carlson and start attacking these idiot experts….they are destroying people`s lives.

  5. For Fauci and Brix and Gates, the Corona Virus is all about controlling the people of these United States. We must turn our backs on Fauci and all who support them. They are NOT for the people, they are for profit. This is all about a few getting filthy rich selling vaccines. If the people of this nation don’t pull their heads out and say, HELL NO!, then bondage to a fake ideology is what you get. And, the end of justice and freedom for all! Wake up America, this is YOUR country. Demand the fakes be fired.

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