Cuomo’s Parole Board is Freeing a Sadistic Double Murderer & Rapist


Governor Andrew Cuomo rules New York with an iron fist.  He has virtually unquestioned influence over almost every major policy decision in his state.

There is one increasingly tragic exception to this rule.  Cuomo apparently has no control over the skyrocketing crime and gun violence wrecking his very own New York City.

No, he’s not the mayor. But Andy’s no cash bail “reform” set the table for felons being given a “get out of jail free card”, while his muted response to rioting, looting, arson, and assaults on police just fuels the raging lawlessness.

Sadly, the insanity doesn’t end there.  As governor, Cuomo gets to select members of the parole board.  As of now, he’s picked 14 of the 16 members currently serving.  So what?  Here’s what.

Having already released 14 cop killers over the last three years. Andrew’s appointees may have felt free to perform yet another inexcusable outrage.

The New York Post reports, “Sam Ayala was 26 when he committed a Westchester home invasion with two pals in 1977, brutalizing two moms, Bonnie Minter and Sheila Watson, in the presence of their four small children, before shooting them a dozen times and laughing about it.”

Sheila Watson

Jason Minter, who was 6 years old when he heard his mother, Bonnie, being raped and murdered in the next room, states Ayala’s remorse is nonexistent.  Mr. Minter, now 50, has had to address the parole board every 18 months since Ayala became eligible for parole in 2002. Although it was excruciating to relive his victim impact statements, each time parole was denied.

But times have changed in Andrew Cuomo’s failing New York State.  Victims and their grieving families go begging, while soulless killers go free.

Bonnie Minter



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2 years ago

Don’t fret, he’s getting what he deserves every day he wakes till he wakes in prison!

Anthony Stark
Anthony Stark
3 years ago

King Andrew the Baby / Elderly Killer apparently desires a new DIS-honorific: Freer of Rapist-Murderers. The man is EVIL

John Gault
John Gault
3 years ago

Gov Homo and Mayor DeBlasshole are doing their level best to destroy our once great City/State and turn it into as PJW’s latest video ( shows, a giant Sh*thole