Candidate for office viciously beats effigy of police union chief’s wife at their home


There is more to the story of Black Lives Matter agitators appearing at the home of Minneapolis Police Union President Bob Kroll. We posted two stories about it here and here. The cursing, threatening mob were led by civil rights attorney Nekima Levy Armstrong, candidate for state rep John Thompson, and CAIR National leaders.

The mob screamed and cursed at neighbors and children. What we didn’t know about is their attack on Bob Kroll’s wife.

The candidate for state representative, John Thompson repeatedly and viciously beat at a pinata of Kroll’s wife WCCO reporter Liz Collin as the mob cheered. The mob plans to get them fired from their jobs. BLM and their CAIR allies are cancel culturists as are all Marxists.

Symbolically beating a woman is a bad optic. It is intimidation at its worst. Will one of these mentally ill people come and kill them?


Collin has also been the subject of protests outside WCCO’s office in downtown Minneapolis, with activists criticizing the station for both her marriage to Kroll and her involvement in stories concerning the police. However, she hasn’t been involved in any stories about the police or the union for two years.

WCCO anchor Jason DeRusha criticized the action on his Twitter page.

“Protest. Complain. Advocate. Speak out. Picket my station again! But making a piñata out of a journalist and beating it is disgusting, offensive, and sad. This is where we are? That all of these intelligent people thought this was ok?” he said.

He also posted an opposing quote from a D.A. Bullock in the ‘interest of fairness.’ Bullock wrote oddly and obtusely, “I’m not much for effigy, but for you to treat this journalist like the context wasn’t her marriage to the very emobodiment of unapologetic abusive oppressive policing and was exactly how it was presented, Collins and Kroll together, is odd and obtuse.…”

They aren’t satisfied with going to the union chief’s house and threatening him. They will take down his wife as well. This is very abusive.

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