Dallas commissioners tell ‘white man’ Gov Abbott to apologize to black judge who jailed salon owner


The Dallas County Commissioners Court adopted a resolution Tuesday accusing Gov. Greg Abbott and Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick of perpetuating white supremacy after they criticized a black judge for jailing a salon owner who reopened her business against the governor’s stay-at-home orders.

Race had nothing to do with it. These people are race-baiting lunatics.

The resolution describes Shelley Luther, the white owner of Salon à la Mode, as a “lawbreaker” and said the governor’s and lieutenant governor’s intervention into her jail sentencing by Dallas County Judge Eric Moyé, who is black, reintroduced issues of racism and white superiority in Dallas.

“Dallas County residents suffer as the world gazes upon the travesty of justice caused when the Governor of the State of Texas and Dan Patrick, Lieutenant Governor (who appears to spend an excessive amount of time with his Conservative radio talk show) intervened in a ruling against a media-manufactured cause celebre,” the resolution states, TheBlaze first reported.



  1. Nah…They’re just a bunch of SAD SACKS, RACISTS at HEART…TOTALLY FOOLISH; and BAD, RIDICULOUS examples… clearly revealing EXACTLY what a Judge SHOULD NEVER DO!

  2. Yep. I live in the ‘burbs’ around Dallas and unfortunately every now and then the Black Racists in the Dallas City Council light themselves on fire.
    And we ALL know if it were a white judge and a Black salon owner those Racists would be on the other side of this stoopid argument.
    ….and they wonder why old ‘whitey’ has trouble with them ……

  3. Jive azz honky better apologize or Jesse “Hymietown” Jackson and Al Not So Sharpton will be along.
    Remember when the good comrades of the commission condemned the sniper that opened fire on police during the sobama error?

  4. When someone calls another person a racist-when that person they accuse isn’t a racist-they are themselves a racist!

  5. We must be united against liberal scum!!! The judge acted with zero wisdom and zero justice, we can’t have educated morons on the bench – presidents Clinton and Obummer appeared to desire the bench be filled with these scum!! President Trump is fixing the problem!!!

  6. This is the result of LAZY WHITE VOTERS in Dallas County – they take no interest in local elections until something like this happens and they suddenly realize – oh schitt – we should’ve voted – duh!! There is no way, even in Dallas, that blacks constitute any more than 15-20% of the voting population – and at least a third of those voting age adults are probably in jail for crying out loud. Now, get off your butts Dallas County and vote those bastards OUT next election.

  7. It may seem bizarre for these lunatics to turn the racism around to protect the radical racist black judge…but the real travesty will be when Abbott capitulates.

  8. I lived in Dallas County for 21 years and watched the steady decline! Your stats are incorrect the population of whites is a definite minority. Watched our property value decline the neighborhoods decline the quality of public schools decline as the population became more and more “diverse”., as crime levels increased. We no longer felt safe in a once wonderful neighborhood moved to another state 4 years ago! Best thing we ever did!

  9. Remember it was the Dallas City Council member John Wiley Price who thought a White council member was racist because he compared spending taxpayers’ money on a wasteful project was like putting it down a “black hole.” This is the kind of geniuses who run Dallas. The same caliber run Houston, Austin and San Antonio and probably every other large city in the US as well as a few states.

  10. “Dallas County had its reputation questioned and ridiculed as this staged-circus was reduced to issues of race and the superiority of Anglos over all other Americans, which was exhibited by the Governor ….”

    It appears to me that Dallas County needs no help whatsoever in having it’s reputation questioned and ridiculed; they’re doing perfectly well all by themselves.

  11. if anyone should be apologizing, its the Dallas city council apologizing for pretending they give a crap about Dallas residents. a more useless, race card driven group of individuals would be hard to find, unless you visit the cities of Austin, Houston and San Antonio.

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