Dan Bongino cuts through media noise to solve the ‘protest’ problem


Under the guise of ‘protests’ and caring about Black lives, pasty white, privileged Antifa and BLM youth are disrupting major cities, attacking police, destroying property, and looting.

Antifa is an anarcho-communist organization and, along with Black Lives Matter, is creating non-stop chaos to get voters so disgusted they will vote Republicans out of office come November.

A new Pew Research Center survey of 9,654 adults found that 6% of respondents attended a protest or rally focusing on issues related to race or racial equality in the past month.

It’s a relatively small number of Americans but the media gives the impression very large numbers of Americans are protesting.

According to Pew Research, protest attendees of the adults polled found 64% of total respondents were White, 15% were Hispanic, 11% were Black and 5% were Asian. Around 4-in-10 of those who hit the streets were younger than 30 while older Americans were underrepresented at the protests.

Bongino insists the rioters must be prosecuted. If these young white kids face ten years in a cell with hardened felons, the $15 an hour they get to create mayhem might not look so tempting.


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