Dan Bongino jumps into fugly Kinzinger-Levin fight


Adam Kinzinger, like Ben Sasse and other RINOs, got into Congress posing as Tea Party candidates. He and the others then spent the ensuing ten years betraying them.

Kinzinger, in particular, is a typical establishment waste of time. He hasn’t stopped insulting President Trump since he took office.

As usual, Kinzinhger is using his best imitation of a Democrat to trash Trump:

Democrats use his trash talk against the President and their supporters. It doesn’t sit well with Mark Levin who got into an ugly brouhaha with him. Someone had to do it

That’s when Dan Bongino got involved and told the sitting congressman to “go F*k”. himself. He called Kinzinger a “coward and an embarrassment, pandering to your CNN masters praying your hits don’t dry up. Pathetic.”

That’s a tough act to follow.

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