Danchenko Found Not Guilty But the FBI and DOJ Were Not


Igor Danchenko was found not guilty on all counts by a DC jury today. He was used by the FBI to help fabricate a dossier to damage or destroy Donald Trump. They offered former British spy Christopher Steele one million dollars to verify the fake dossier he put together with information mostly provided by Danchenko. Steele couldn’t confirm any of it, even for a million dollars.

The trial of Igor Danchenko was not about him. It was a trial of the FBI and the DOJ. While Danchenko was found not guilty of all four counts, the FBI and DOJ were not. They look fundamentally corrupt.

The jury would have a tough time finding Danchenko guilty because the FBI used him to lie. That was his selling point.

TechnoFog, a Twitter user and lawyer who reports on these trials, said, “Igor Danchenko found not guilty on all counts. No shock – it’s hard to win a false statements case when the FBI and Mueller were uninterested in pursuing the truth.”

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Tim Kuehl
Tim Kuehl
1 year ago

DC juries are as unbiased as the jury that decided OJ was innocent after the jury foreman invited him to a victory party before the trial started.

1 year ago

What do you expect from a DC Jury. They work for the Deep State and will protect the Deep State!