Daring Robbery by 80 Not White Supremacists of Nordstrom in San Fran


San Francisco has an incompetent Marxist mayor and an inept communist DA who do not let the police do their job. Therefore, what you see is anarchy. Take this incident at Nordstrom in what is a beautiful city or was.

Police suspect 80 people were involved with the organized raid in Walnut Creek, Calif., with three being arrested, according to San Francisco news station KGO.

“About 25 cars just blocked the street and 80 thieves in ski masks rushed into the Walnut Creek Nordstrom making off with goods before getting in cars snd speeding away. At least two people were arrested at gunpoint,” Jodi Hernandez tweeted.

“We probably saw 50 to 80 people in ski masks, crowbars, a bunch of weapons,” Brett Barrette, a manager at a nearby PF Chang’s restaurant, told the TV outlet.

“They were looting the Nordstrom’s right here. And I thought they were going to start beating cars. I had to start locking doors, lock the front door, lock the back door.”

A firearm was recovered from one person by authorities, according to KGO.

A Twitter user with the username Lisa Bisa claimed to witness the incident.

“I was in Nordstrom trying on shoes when this happened,” the user tweeted. “It was absolutely terrifying. Two security started running in the store screaming ‘STOP’, 20 seconds later the large groups of people dressed in all black ran in the store straight to the designer bag section.”

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