Far-Left Laurence Tribe Wants Kyle Rittenhouse Retried by the DoJ


Committed leftist Laurence Tribe, a lawyer who knows better, wants Kyle Rittenhouse tried a second time by the Justice Department even though it compromises the legal tenet of double jeopardy.

Tribe is a Harvard Law Professor Emeritus and knows what he is asking for but his hatred and ideology are more important to him than the law. He is a constitutional law scholar and pushed for the unconstitutional impeachments of Donald Trump.

For years now, since Barack Obama, the Democrat Party has sought to use the Justice Department to retry cases when they don’t like the results.

Communists never give up and there is no endpoint for them. It’s about ideology, never morality as we know it.

“The acquittal of Kyle Rittenhouse was no bolt-from-the-blue surprise, but I fear that other self-appointed, heavily armed vigilantes will take this verdict as a green light to act out their bloody fantasies.” Especially with our Supreme Court’s help! Tribe wrote on Twitter.

The truth is that Kyle had as much right to be in Kenosha as the radical communist criminals who attacked him. Whether it was wise, is another issue, but not criminal. He was hired by Car Source to protect their vehicles. Every response to Joseph Rosenbaum, Anthony Huber, and Gaige Grosskreutz was in self-defense. Any reasonable person who viewed the videos knows that. Tribe also has to know it.

Tribe doesn’t mention the background of the criminals Kyle shot, their ideology, or the fact that the police were made to stand down as the city was going up in flames. None of that mattered to Laurence Tribe.

Here’s another comment from his Twitter feed: “Even though he was found not guilty of all charges, what Rittenhouse did should be seen as clearly, horribly, tragically wrong.” And he should be held civilly culpable, the way OJ Simpson was. Not to extract lots of money from him but to send a message.

He’s like OJ?

It would not be tragic for Tribe, however, if the three men who were shot were conservatives. Such is the leftist mind.

Liberalism is dead. It has given way to socialism and communism under the euphemistic title — progressivism.

There is no federal issue in this case, but that doesn’t mean Merrick Garland won’t investigate. He’s as lawless as the rest of the Democrat Party.

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