Dave Rubin on some oddities in the Newsom recall election


Dave Rubin is on top of the cheating in California and it could be rampant. The fact that they have mail-in voting and people can download their own ballots is enough to turn the election. Then you have the media lying about Mr. Elder. Combine that with the $75 million war chest George Soros and celebrity communists gave to Newsom, and you can say the election is unfair. Then there are the oddities.

In one district, the staff is counting votes, not the machines, and there’s some question as to supervision (see the first clip). In another district, 70% of the people coming in say their votes were registered before they voted (see the second clip). It looks like they are letting people vote without any verification whatsoever.

This is a sad state of affairs. This was a chance to get rid of a truly awful governor who is destroying his state and put in a candidate who cares and has a great deal of common sense.

With all the ridiculous number of ballots California sent out, how is it that this Larry Elder voter didn’t get hers?

But, don’t worry, the communists are flourishing and apparently running the White House.

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