Dave Smith Debates Chris Cuomo on COVID Totalitarianism


Chris Cuomo debated David Smith on Patrick Bet-David’s podcast about ivermectin, mandates, Dr. Fauci, and the Democratic agenda. Cuomo said he knows he won’t look good, but he wants to get everyone on the same page. He defended Dr. Anthony Fauci and rejected the idea that COVID was used to force totalitarianism on Americans.

Dave Smith challenged Cuomo, and he took it on.

It was a wide-ranging interview and began by noting that Alex Soros told everybody to call Donald Trump a “convicted felon” every chance they get.

They debated about the lockdowns and vaccine totalitarianism Cuomo helped force on people. Although Cuomo tried to deny it, the Internet is forever. Why can’t he just say he’s sorry? Everyone complimented Chris for having the guts to go on to the debate and try to explain his change of heart on vaccines.

Who remembers when Chris Cuomo said on national TV that the biggest threat was domestic, and it was those Americans who didn’t get vaccinated?

“When you’re waking up every morning to watch your TV to find out from your governor what you’re allowed to do today, including am I allowed to go to work, am I allowed to have a funeral for my father…there is one word and one word only for that, and that is totalitarianism.”

Chris Cuomo tried to rewrite his own history on ivermectin, which he now takes to ease the effects of controversial Long Covid. He claimed he didn’t shame Joe Rogan so the interviewer showed the clip of him doing that.

Another clip via Maze.

“You, sir, were smearing people like us for having this view.”

“It was kind of amazing to watch you admit so many of the things that you admitted on the podcast with Pat, but at the same time, you laughed off the idea of an apology. Your first thing you said was, “Apology? No way. There’s no way.” And then you proceeded to go on to confirm what all of us had known for so long.”

Sweden got it right!”

Cuomo accused Smith of seeking attention.

“It’s really wild, Chris, for you to psychoanalyze me and say my interest here is in generating attention. You’re the guy who went at CNN [who] said everything to defend the vaccine when you were being sponsored by Big Pharma.”

“You’re attacking my motive, saying all I care about is generating interest. Meanwhile, when those CNN checks were coming in, you said nothing that would have put them in jeopardy.”

Dave Smith wasn’t buying Cuomo’s excuse-making.

“You guys were repeating mindlessly everyday that there was some giant conspiracy with Trump and Russia and leading the entire country to believe that our election had been stolen by a hostile foreign power,” Cuomo said.


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