Day 1 of Pride Month Brings You a Pregnant ‘Man’


Day 1 of Pride Month, and we’re being treated to a pregnant ‘man.’ I feel sorry for non-radical gays dragged down by the radicals.

On Thursday, Glamour UK unveiled its June Pride digital issue, featuring a pregnant transgender ‘man’ on the cover. She is obviously a woman. men can’t get pregnant.

The unglamorous Glamour Magazine put a pregnant woman who transitioned to a transgender male on their cover.

The leftists want to break down societal norms and exploit vulnerable people to convey their message more effectively. It’s the Marxist playbook.

The View kicked off the month by declaring Republicans want gays executed. These women are evil and will say anything.

The particularly evil Joy Behar said:

Let me point out that Uganda, for example. There are countries all over the world that are attacking gay people. This is the new scapegoat du jour right now. In Russia, you’re imprisoned if you’re gay. In Uganda, they just imposed a stringent law, life imprisonment or execution if you’re considered to be homosexual. 64 countries, half of them are in Africa, criminalize homosexuality. The other half are all over the place. I mean, is that what we want our country to be, like Uganda? I mean come on! Or Russia?

Fake conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin claimed Republicans are “trying to target the minority within the minority. Create fear and stoke it. It will not work.” “Yeah, but your party tends to steal elections!”Behar shouted at her at one point.

It got worse from there.

To further drag down all gay people, the Satanic Temple weighs in, honoring them. Why?

This is totally ridiculous:

It’s only the first day of Pride month, and I’ve had enough.

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