Day After Felon Committed a Violent Offense, He Shot 2 Officers


Two Wichita, Kansas police officers were shot early Christmas morning by a male domestic abuse suspect. He posted online about the gunfire as the events were unfolding, authorities said.

Malik Rogers, 24, turned the gun on himself, killing himself, after wounding two police officers at his Wichita apartment and barricading himself inside the bathroom early Saturday morning. Wichita police Capt. Jason Stephens told reporters later that day that both officers were expected to survive, but Rogers could not be saved.

He was on parole for multiple felonies and tried to break into a home, but a small child let him in. He “physically assaulted” and threatened the woman in the home with an illegal gun. He refused negotiated/peaceful surrender and shot two officers. Why was he on the street?

“The officers knew going to that residence, that he was on parole, that he had committed a violent offense with a gun in the previous day,” Stephens said.  Rogers, who was on parole for attempted second-degree murder and aggravated assault, was bigger than the officers and he fought back when they made an attempt to arrest him.

If a felon like Malik can get a gun, why is the government trying to take guns from lawful gun owners?

The Story

On Friday night, the police responded to a nearby restaurant, where they met with a female employee who described how she had been “physically battered” by Rogers, who was her boyfriend, Stephens said.

The 22-year-old female said Rogers arrived at her home uninvited, tried to get in through a window, then gained access when a young child let him in.

“Once inside, he confronted her and pointed a handgun at her, essentially assaulting her with that gun,” Stephens said, “and also during the course of that disturbance punched her in the face.”

After getting the report from the female victim, police went to Rogers’ apartment to arrest him on felony domestic violence charges, Stephens said. Police tried to “verbally negotiate with him to convince him to submit [to] an arrest,” but Rogers barricaded himself in the apartment, police said.

He was able to escape to a bathroom even after he’d been shocked by a Taser, Stephens said.

Those Tasers do not work in protecting the police but they’re great for criminals.

“One of the officers immediately forced entry into the bathroom door and was confronted by Malik Rogers, who was pointing a gun at them,” Stephens explained. “Mr. Rogers discharged that firearm at the officers two times, hitting one of the officers in the right arm and the other officer in the upper right leg.”

Officers retreated and called in a SWAT team and crisis negotiators, but they heard “what they believed could have been a gunshot – a single gunshot,” Stephens continued. “In and around the same time, we became aware of a social media post where Mr. Rogers was essentially talking about having just shot two police officers, and a gun was visible on the live feed from that social media post.”

Officers later moved in to render aid before declaring Rogers dead.


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