Days after rejoining WHO, WHO’s not sure where COV started


There is no question that the China virus aka coronavirus began in Wuhan, China. In fact, the going theory is that it began in one of the bioweapons labs. Days after our fool of a president, Joe Biden, forced us back into the World Health Organization, they said that it’s too early to say the virus originated in China.

Unbelievable. This is the organization that Dr. Fauci is “honored” to say we’ve rejoined. The WHO is fully in bed with China despite the fact that we pour far more money into The WHO than China.

Mr. Trump was absolutely right about WHO and China but our media and Democrats decided to blame Donald Trump for the spread of COV. The CCP had a lot to do with the spread. In fact, everything. They wouldn’t let their citizens travel within the country, only outside the country.


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