DC Mayor Browser will keep the Capitol closed until June 8


Muriel Bowser

Despot D.C. Mayor Muriel Browser won’t start the re-opening process because she has only had 4 days of decline in new cases, not 14. The closure will continue to at least June 8th which is more than 14 days as you know. That’s fine but she has some very arbitrary rules she could loosen up.

For example, she threatened to put residents away for 90 days if they left their homes. The alternative is a $5,000 fine. She shouldn’t be stepping on peoples’ rights to that degree, especially since some prisons have people with the virus.

The mayor said that the city has not yet met all the required benchmarks to reopen.

“We’re not there yet and not quite ready to begin that phased new opening,” Bowser said at a news briefing.

Other criteria for starting to reopen have been met, the mayor noted. Bowser said Washington does have the ability to test all key groups it needs to, including people who are symptomatic, health care workers, essential workers, and close contacts of infected people.

Washington is in the process of hiring contact tracers, with plans to hire 200 more, Bowser added.

“We will continue to follow the advice of our health officials,” Bowser said. “Rushing to reopen could have tragic results.”

She will hunt down people, and track them.

And, just so you know, She has had 6,584 cases cumulatively and has had 350 deaths in her District. There were only 14 deaths yesterday.

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The Great Leap Backward
The Great Leap Backward
3 years ago

Meanwhile China laughs and says…WTF you gonna do about it Yankee?

Paul J Fishman
Paul J Fishman
3 years ago

Despot D.C. Mayor Muriel Browser is continuing until June 8th the incarceration of the City of Washington D.C. For example, she threatened to put residents away for 90 days if they left their homes to be put in another maximum level security prison. Is she going to do that to those who need to go the store or work employment that is necessary. The City of Washington DC hereby is officially a jail. Every resident in this city is labelled as a criminal.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

All of the Left willing to proclaim Dr.Fauci as the Supreme lawgiver of the land.