DC police arrest kids writing support for the wrong Black lives


If you deface or destroy statues that Democrats want to be defaced, there are no arrests, no complaints. If you paint Black Lives Matter on a public space, that too is fine. However, if you use chalk to write ‘Black pre-born lives matter’ IN CHALK in front of a Planned Parenthood facility in D.C., you will be arrested.

Painting “Black Lives Matter” on every public space has been the subject of non-stop cheering from the mainstream press. There have been no consequences for defacers. Officials cheer the  Marxist lettering and desecrations of American statues.

However, if you protect the wrong black lives in the wrong age group, the not politically correct group, the police will arrest you.

The Daily Caller posted the story on Saturday, with the video.

Burning Bibles, destroying statues of Columbus and George Washington, calling Lincoln a racist, arresting people for being pro-Life. Are you still unclear about what’s behind this “movement” sweeping chaos and ruin through our streets?





  1. Hopefully the true American Blacks are seeing through these over indulged white kiddies playing at caring because not one of them has a clue what this blm movement is all about.Destroy and divide is the marxist way.
    My heart goes out all those who have lost everything through these riots/ May God Bless and keep you all safe.

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