De Blasio Won’t Help Deport Thieves, Drug Dealers Because They’re “Breadwinners”


Communist Mayor De Blasio conflates deporting of immigrants with deporting illegal aliens and criminal illegal aliens every time he speaks. He also strongly suggested on Thursday that we need to keep non-violent criminals in this country. He will at all costs.

Thieves, drug dealers, and others get to stay.

De Blasio went on CNN’s New Day Thursday morning to explain when he would comply with the law and with ICE.

Discussing illegal sanctuary cities, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio implied that the city will not cooperate in the deportation of thieves who don’t use violence because they might be the “breadwinners” of their families.

Drug dealers are also considered non-violent offenders in his leftist world. They are breadwinners – they do go out and steal to put bread on the table.

This is the conversation on CNN:

CAMEROTA: How about theft?

DE BLASIO: Well here’s an example. Theft, violent, any theft involving a weapon, for example —

CAMEROTA: Not violent. Just a regular, low-level crime.

DE BLASIO: There are very low-level crimes, for example, small amounts of marijuana possession. Going through a stoplight that doesn’t cause any damage to anyone. Those are areas where we will not work to see someone deported. Why? Because these are members of a family in our community, say it’s the breadwinner in that family. So you deport the breadwinner and the rest of the family, including the children, are left without anyone. You tear a family apart. That’s not good government. That’s not in my view moral.

These criminals usually escalate but that fact has escaped this maniac.

It’s so much more moral to let foreign thieves and drug dealers stay and torture citizens.

He also pretended that it’s unsafe to deport them.

“This is the kind of thing that will destroy that promise, and make it impossible for the police to keep cities safe,” he said. “New York City has half a million undocumented people. We want them to come forward and work with the police if they see a crime, if they’re a victim of a crime. If they believe by talking to a police officer they will get deported and be torn apart from their family, they’re not going to work with police.”

They are the ones committing the crimes! We will have fewer crimes if we get rid of them.

On a positive note, Miami-Dade is the first domino to fall. The mayor of that sanctuary city will now follow the law.

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