Dead Babies! Dr. Says Never a Reason for Late-Term Abortions


I was born at 3:02 a.m. I could be aborted in New York at 3:01 a.m.

Doctor and Kansas Rep. Roger W. Marshall wrote an op-ed stating that there is never a reason to abort a baby in the third trimester for a mother’s health. In fact, it’s dangerous to the mother.

“To this day, I can’t think of a single scenario where I thought a late-term abortion would help to improve a woman’s mental health,” Marshall wrote in a Monday op-ed published by Fox News.

“Contrary to the pro-abortion movement, regardless of the mother’s underlying medical health, I never saw the scenario where we had to choose between a mom’s life and a baby,” Marshall wrote.

Marshall is an obstetrician who has delivered more than 5,000 babies in Western Kansas over 25 years. He also served as an OB-GYN at a state mental health hospital and prison.

Pregnant women face much higher risks for uterine perforation and life-threatening hemorrhaging during late-term abortions, according to Marshall. The procedures also pose a high risk of infection, permanent scarring, and infertility, Doctor Marshall said.

“Point blank, late-term abortions are unsafe and are more dangerous than naturally occurring childbirth in almost any situation,” Marshall wrote.

Dr. Marshall didn’t make this next comment, but we have watched abortion videos, and the following is what happens. The abortion at that stage requires a doctor to stick a needle filled with Digoxin into the baby to kill him or her. Sometimes the needle has to be injected more than once. The doctor could hit the baby anywhere, in the eye, for instance. It stops the heart and then the doctor starts pulling the baby out, usually in pieces. The doctor then has to line up the body parts to make certain they are all out.

A number of states, including Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia, Maine, and Maryland, are considering proposals to expand abortion to extreme abortion. They want to make abortion on demand a “human right.” New York already passed such a law and New Mexico will pass one that removes all religious restrictions, turning every hospital into an abortion clinic.

Dr. Marshall said it’s “inhumane” for mothers and children.

That’s who we are now thanks to the politicians.

“I urge you to tell all of your elected federal officials to support the Born Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which is the first step to immediately protect those babies who have survived botched abortions and mandate that they receive proper medical care,” the doctor said.


Most Americans don’t agree with third-term baby murders, but our Democrat politicians want it and Planned Parenthood wants it.

If there is never a reason for a late-term abortion, then it is murder.

The Virginia governor made it clear that no medical care for babies accidentally born alive after a botched abortion means infanticide. The New York abortion law has removed all protections and Governor Cuomo is fine with infanticide.

These are no longer fetuses, they are babies.

What Democrats want is to be able to kill babies if the mother finds out late in the pregnancy that the child will be handicapped. That’s what Hitler did. He killed the handicapped.

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5 years ago

Finally, someone out there has brought up the obvious, unless you’re for infanticide. Thank you, senator!