Debbie Wassermann Schultz’s IT Tech Aide Was Arrested at Dulles Airport


Democratic Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s Pakistani IT staffer Imran Awan was arrested at Dulles airport while trying to flee the United States last evening. Reports yesterday indicated that he had already fled. His smashed computer drives were confiscated by the FBI this week.

Awan had just transferred nearly $300 thousand to Pakistan from the House office, the Daily Caller reported.

From the Daily Caller:

Imran Awan, had wired $283,000 from the Congressional Federal Credit Union in a House office building to two individuals in Pakistan. Credit union officials permitted the wire to go through, and his wife has already fled the country to Pakistan, after police confronted her at the airport and found $12,000 in cash hidden in her suitcase but did not stop her from boarding.

Imran Awan, a Pakistani-born IT aide, had access to all emails and files of dozens of members of Congress, as well as the password to the iPad that Wasserman Schultz used for Democratic National Committee business before she resigned as its head in July 2016.

Outside of Politico, Fox News and the Daily Caller, the MSM is ignoring the story. They’re too busy looking for Russians.

Meanwhile, several Muslim IT techs were transferring Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s and other congressmen’s secret data to an outside server.

The aides very possibly stole the DNC emails and they are not even Russians!

Maria Bartiromo addressed it with Stuart Varney on Fox Business.

“How is it possible that 3 brothers are hired, Muslim brothers…just saying, to work in Congress and deal with our most intelligent and sensitive information, number one? They were all making $160,000! Why were they paid so much? 22 years old…one of the guys, the other was 25. They’re making $160,000, $161,000 and $165,000. And one of them has a criminal background!”

James Rosen, Fox News reporter, provides more background in this next clip.

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Jersey Boy
Jersey Boy
6 years ago

Awwww….poor Little Debbie!

6 years ago

Meanwhile. Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is “negotiating” with the Capitol Police over whether to stop blocking access to a computer seized from her as part of a criminal cybersecurity investigation, what are you trying to hide Debbie ?????????????