CNN Provides Proof They Lied About Crowd Sizes at Trump’s Inaugural


What is getting lost in the endless carrying on about the crowd sizes at the Trump inaugural is the fact that CNN lied and did spread fake news. Trump’s people are partly responsible for that getting lost in the discussion but they are novices.

The photos CNN posted for Trump’s inauguration were before the crowds filled up the areas leading up to the Monument.

CNN took the photos from the back to make the size of the crowds look smaller.

The first photo is the one published by CNN and used for comparison to Obama’s 2009 inaugural. You can clearly see a white building in the photo with few people in front.

Next is the CNN photo with the white building in the photo taken at 12:20 as President Trump was speaking. It’s obvious the area filled in considerably.

The photos used by CNN to compare Obama’s 2009 event with Trump’s inaugural are not taken at the exact time during the inaugurations as they led readers to believe.

Their own gigapixel photo released well after the hullaballoo proves it. The photos were taken at about 12:18 according to the two clocks seen in the photo.

Look at our two screenshots taken from their gigapixel. Certainly, from Donald Trump’s vantage point, the crowds filled up to the Washington Monument. The media immediately debunked the statements made in his speech about seeing crowds up the to Washington monument. The media are the petty fake fools.

The entire media went with the photo comparing apples to oranges.

Sean Spicer erred when he provided the reasons for believing President Trump had larger crowd sizes than ever recorded. His point that it was fake news was lost because of errors he made but he was accurate in his conclusion. CNN posted fake news.

Information about floor curtains and magnetometers given by Spicer were inaccurate. Spicer’s statement that including those watching on devices can’t be proven either way.

That doesn’t change the fact that the were legitimate “alternative facts”. CNN and others in the media deliberately attempted to make Trump’s audience look absurdly small.

Spicer’s reasons were wrong but his facts weren’t. Kellyanne Conway’s “alternative facts” are real facts.

We can’t measure how many watched on electronic devices so Spicer’s overall comments about crowd size aren’t provable. The AP came up with 31 million for Trump and a few million more for Obama. In the age of electronics, live streaming, and social media in general, there is no way to know.

However, it is to be expected that Obama had the largest crowds – maybe – since Obama’s inauguration was historic and it lined up with Martin Luther King Jr’s day. In addition, D.C., with its surrounding areas, are heavily Democratic. The residents don’t have to do much to get to the inaugural.

There is also strong evidence that the leftist rioters held up the crowds by blocking the entrants though the NY Times sources said that is not the case.

The alleged audience of 1.8 million for Obama has been debunked by at least one site using aerial photos. There is evidence that the audience was closer to 800,000.

Much has been made of the women’s march having more people which may be true but most were bussed in by very well-funded leftist groups — 403 in all.

It’s also interesting to note that no one really cared about crowd sizes except when Barack Obama put up Greek columns and said he’d slow the rise of the oceans like some kind of Greek god.

Trump’s inaugural had at least 600,000 if you go by the Metro riders. Obama had – possibly – one million in 2013 and 1.8 million in 2009. George W. had 400,000 in 2005 and 300,000 in 2001. Clinton had 250,000 in 1997. H.W. Bush had 300,000 in 1989.

In the end, none of this matters.The polls don’t matter either as we discovered. What matters is what President Trump does and if he can bring back jobs and a flourishing economy.

Spicer is right to call out the fake news. He should keep doing it – carefully.

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