Deliberations Begin in the “Farce” Impeachment Trial of Ken Paxton


The Paxton trial ended today after pleas from both sides. The accusers had no evidence. Deliberations are currently underway. Many call the trial a farce.

Lawyers for Paxton rested their case Thursday after calling four witnesses in the trial that will determine whether the Republican is removed from office.

On Thursday, they called Justin Gordon, the head of the Texas attorney general office’s open records division; Austin Kinghorn, an associate deputy attorney general for legal counsel; Henry De La Garza, HR director, chief employment counsel, and ethics advisor for the OAG; and finally was Grant Dorfman, the deputy first assistant at the OAG.

Attorneys for the Uniparty group of lawmakers prosecuting Paxton’s impeachment rested their case Wednesday.

Grant Stinchfield addressed the trial, calling it a “farce” in the clip below.


A woman who claimed to have had an extramarital affair with Paxton never took the stand. This key witness was in the court so everyone could see her, but she was “deemed unable to testify.” That sounds farcical. Allegedly, she was central to proving Paxton misused his power to help Austin real estate developer Nate Paul. The woman, Laura Olson, worked for Nate Paul. She didn’t testify, was unavailable, and was therefore unable to present any evidence.

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The Prisoner
The Prisoner
9 days ago

Crazy and insane are not legal terms in this context. The witness as usual is evasive.

A girlfriend brought into the room is a cheap stunt.

Paxton has 8 acquit votes at least. He needs no more than 2 of the other 11 republicans to be acquitted. It would be shocking if he is not.