Dem Lawyers Say Mueller’s Signaling Trump Team Might Have Conspired with Russian Trolls


According to a report from WaPo, Special Counsel Robert Mueller added a veteran cyber prosecutor to his team which also includes some left-wing and anti-Trump lawyers. The report came out two days ago but the prosecutor, Ryan K. Dickey was actually hired in November.

Many wonder what he’s up to. An article at Dan Abram’s blog could provide the answer.

An article at Law & Crime, Dan Abrams’ legal website, reports the reason could be that Mueller is signaling he will go after the Trump campaign for conspiring with Russian hackers. According to this article, Jared Kushner is in the crosshairs because he was the digital media consultant.

It’s hard to keep track of all the potential areas of investigation which have gone from collusion to obstruction of justice to just obstruction to collusion with Russians on a troll farm in the Ukraine to process crimes.

The real collusion and corruption with Hillary, the Clinton Foundation, the DoJ, the FBI is ignored by the media.

Abrams’ site is merely presenting the opinion of lawyers who don’t seem to have direct knowledge but who act as if they do.

The website quotes attorney-professor Page Pate who tweeted: “If Mueller believes the Trump Campaign had knowledge of Russia’s hacking efforts, he may pursue conspiracy charges relating to the hacking. And this would be how it starts… Mueller Adds Veteran DOJ Cybercrime Prosecutor To Team”.

The article further speculates Trump’s team was somehow involved in Russian hacking or working in tandem with Russia.

Mueller’s office could also be looking into Russian-backed social media ads that contained charged political messages, according to the article. Jared Kushner was known to have run a lot of the Trump campaign’s digital efforts, the author writes.

One attorney is quoted as saying if Kushner used bots that worked in conjunction with Russian social media ads or if he lied, he could be in trouble.

All of that is 100% conjecture it seems but it could be true if Mueller is the witch hunter many believe him to be.

There are many other reasons for hiring Dickey in a hacking case that this article doesn’t consider. The reasons are endless but only a few fit the Democrat narrative.

The FBI should be looking at the DNC servers and whatever Clinton hard drives weren’t smashed with hammers or run through BleachBit. They aren’t it appears.

The investigation is tied to the hacking of DNC servers that the FBI has not, as far as we know, even looked at. Will they now? It’s a little late.

In the end, Dickey is a prosecutor looking at cyber crimes.

If Mueller looks hard enough, it’s inevitable he will find something against others close to Trump or against Trump himself. Trump must NOT agree to an in-person interview. Mueller is working with the corrupt New York attorney general Schneiderman and he is a friend of Comey’s. He hired Clinton donors and lawyers with reputations of being ruthless and wrong. He is looking to get people for process crimes. There is no reason to trust the guy.

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