Dem NY mayor threw crack out car window during chase


The Democrat mayor of Massena led deputies on a car chase and threw a gram of crack cocaine out the window of his car before he stopped and was arrested Tuesday, according to the St. Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

Timmy J. Currier, 55, was charged with seventh-degree criminal possession of a controlled substance and failure to comply with a police officer, deputies said. He was alone in the car when he took off with the sheriffs hot on his tail.

He was arraigned virtually and released. The arrest was part of an undercover operation by the sheriff’s office. They believe he’s a drug dealer.

He threw the crack out the window as he led cops on a car chase. The Democrat is suspected of selling the poison to his residents.

Democrats want to make hard drugs legal. You can see how bad an idea that is, can’t you?

Elected mayor in 2014, Mr. Currier ran as a Democrat and defeated incumbent Republican James F. Hidy with 74% of the vote. Mr. Currier had been serving as Massena’s chief of police prior to beginning his mayoral term and had been on the village force for 26 years.

Great choice Massena-ites. He wooed them with his Democrat talking points.

Arrested at gunpoint:

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