Charter schools new enemy — Joe Biden & his union handlers


It looks like Joe Biden will not support charter schools. They are the only entities combatting education’s destruction brought about by the teachers’ unions.

Charter schools rescue minority children from the hellish inner-city schools.

“He has been working closely with us over these last few months to listen and understand what the issues are that we are facing in this moment. We know we have a partner,” Becky Pringle, president of the National Education Association, the nation’s largest teachers union, told the Wall Street Journal.

According to the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools, Biden has called for a ban on federal funding for charter schools that are operated by for-profit companies, which account for 12 percent of charter schools.

As part of the Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force, he also pledged to “support measures to increase accountability for charter schools.”

“We will call for conditioning federal funding for new, expanded charter schools or for charter school renewals on a district’s review of whether the charter will systematically underserve the neediest students,” the task force’s final platform read.

There is no accountability for teachers’ unions or the public schools’ failures in so much of the nation.

It’s sad, but charter schools need to worry. He’s a big supporter of the socialist/communist-led unions, and they don’t want any competition.

“The data is consistently clear that nonprofit public charter schools, particularly in our urban communities that serve our African American and Latino students, have performed well. For that reason, there’s also very strong support among African American and Latino parents for charter schools,” Shavar Jeffries, president of Democrats for Education Reform, told the Journal.

“I absolutely am deeply concerned that a union-controlled Biden Education Department could have a chilling effect on the progress that the states and parents have made in securing educational options and excellence for the kids,” Jeanne Allen, chief executive of the Center for Education Reform, told the paper.

They should be. Teachers’ unions want them abolished, and puppet Joe will be putty in their hands.

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3 years ago

They want to keep minorities on the Government Plantation schools in order to keep them trained and dumb.

Traitor Joe's CCP Serf Colony
Traitor Joe's CCP Serf Colony
3 years ago

My horns were showing earlier as a fam was calling around about health coverage not covering very much and I said…call Joe Biden.
Whenever doing bad as a youngster grams would say that my horns were showing.
They might teach something useful in the real world at a charter school.
Union=Communist and most of the soon to be bankrupt states are union owned.
How grateful I am for getting educated in a Red State and all the CCP/CPUSA participation trophy hate whitey crap started right as I was graduating.