Dem Polling Is Abysmal So They’re Going to Lie About Their Agenda


Democrats strongly support masking and strict mandates but Republicans don’t. It seems that Democrats are not winning on the issue. Two weeks ago, Democratic governors sat with the Democratic Governors Association for a briefing on the recent Virginia and New Jersey elections. After that, the Democrats began a massive ditching of masks and other mandates.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee polling found that voters in swing districts don’t like their agenda of defunding the police, COV mandates, and open borders.  They believe Democrats took things too far.

The poll found that 57% of voters in competitive congressional districts agree with the statement, “Democrats in Congress have taken things too far in their pandemic response,” and 66% of self-defined “swing” voters in competitive districts agree with that statement. White and Hispanic voters in competitive districts were equally as likely to agree (59%), while Black voters (42%) and Asian voters (46%) disagreed with the statement. The poll also did not define what “taken things too far” means.

The DCCC now wants Democrats to lie about their agenda for the past few years, according to Politico.

The data showed that Democrats could mostly regain the ground lost to Republicans if they offered a strong rebuttal to the political hits. When faced with a “defund the police” attack, for instance, the presenters encouraged Democrats to reiterate their support for police. And on immigration, they said Democrats should deny support for “open borders or amnesty,” and talk about their efforts to keep the border safe.

Americans aren’t stupid enough to fall for that, but nice try.

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