Trudeau’s Deputy Will Make Her ‘EMERGENCY’ Powers PERMANENT


The regime’s treatment of the Canadian truckers compared to BLM rioters clearly proves which is the genuine anti-establishment protest movement and which is literally a creature of the establishment itself.

~ Paul Joseph Watson

The fascists running Canada are deeply invested in The Great Reset and The World Economic Forum. They hold close ties to George Soros. The authoritarians in charge have revealed their true agenda in the treatment of the Trucker protesters by lying about them with the help of their state media, and then employing the tools of dictators to destroy them.

Chrystia Freeland, Trudeau’s Deputy, said they must be made permanent.

The fascist ‘tools’ they used to destroy the use of crowdsourcing payment providers, cryptocurrency, and wallets will be permanent. Requiring financial services to share, review, and freeze accounts proactively with immunity “must be permanent”, Freeland says. Also, insurance on trucks that are used in protests must be denied.

In other words, if you have a different political opinion from theirs and protest, they will take your freedom and your livelihood from you.

Those are just examples of some of the ‘tools’ they will make part of their permanent toolbox, according to Freeland.

Chrystia Freeland, a Director of Klaus Schwab‘s WEF (The Great Reset), said the powers are “necessary” and allowed for a “peaceful” resolution [as women are trampled, truckers are pulled out of their trucks and driven to the wilderness where they are abandoned or to prison, and others are kicked and hit with batons.]

We mustn’t neglect to mention that the abuses only apply to white citizens.

She is the granddaughter of a Nazi propagandist and has funneled Canadian tax dollars to Ukrainian Nazi battalions like the Azovs.


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