Democrat Senate candidate killed bills to outlaw female genital mutilation


Democratic Senate candidate Sara Gideon repeatedly killed bills to outlaw female genital mutilation during her tenure as the speaker of the Maine House of Representatives.

Isn’t that lovely? A lot of African Muslims have moved in from foreign lands, including Somalis, and that seems to be why she did it. Genital mutilation is “nearly universal” in Somalia.

Gideon leveraged her leadership position in the Democrat-controlled legislature to kill two separate bills that would have criminalized the practice of severing the clitoris of infant girls and sewing their vaginas shut, the Free Beacon reports.

She preferred to have everyone educated in the practice.

Instead, the Democrat supported a different law that would have funneled $150,000 to her political allies to educate Mainers about the practice instead of criminalizing it, according to a former state legislator who spearheaded the push to stop the mutilation.

They argued the bill to ban the mutilation was racist. So much for sexism. Genital mutilation causes physical problems in many girls and women.

Maine is only one of 12 states that won’t ban it.


A. Cole, a survivor of female genital mutilation who testified before the Maine legislature, expressed deep frustration for the bill’s failure. “The Democrats, especially the Speaker of the House Sara Gideon, did everything she could in her power to just kill this bill,” she told the Washington Free Beacon. “I could not understand why.”

Female genital mutilation is an archaic cultural custom practiced in parts of the Middle East and Africa that the United Nations considers a violation of human rights. The procedure, which is done to discourage sex outside of marriage, causes numerous medical problems such as excessive bleeding, infections, difficulty passing urine, and sometimes death. A 2012 Public Health Reports study estimated that more than 500,000 women and girls were at risk for female genital mutilation or its consequences in the United States.

To allow this barbaric practice in this country is not liberal or progressive, it’s regressive and it’s abusive. Even the U.N. considers it a human rights violation.

If you like this, definitely keep voting for Democrats. It’s fiendish but if this is what you want…

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