Why did someone put up $250k bail for antifa pedo who stabbed black reporter?


A dangerous antifa pedophile, who stabbed a black Trump supporter, was bailed out for the enormous sum of $250,000. What makes this terrorist worth this kind of money? Blake David Hampe used a 7-inch blade to stab the victim, and he didn’t hesitate. There is a video of the incident below. Fortunately, the vicrim, who is a reporter, is going to be okay.

It’s believed the money came from a $1.3 million bail fund in the hands of the local Portland antifa. The PDXProtest Bail Fund has a GoFundMe page and they raked in the $1.3 million.

Why was this pedo so valuable to antifa that they are willing to put up a quarter of a million dollars?

The National Lawyer’s Guild puts up a lot of these bails. They are a communist front group and are among the ringleaders, funders, organizers of these events.

The Zane’s Bail Fund paid over $50,000 on Tuesday for someone. They also pay for proper attire, missed wages, and transit. That fund is headed up by Katherine Belyea. Reporter Andy Ngo is suing her and her group for the assault on him last year.

The victim, Drew Duncomb, age 25 years, wonders if the money to free Hampe came from the Zane’s Bail Fund which received funds PDXProtest Bail Fund. They recently gave $22,000 to Zane’s Bail Fund.

Upon Hampe’s release, Duncomb, an independent reporter for Common Sense, said, “I believe he belongs behind bars.”

The stabbing took place on July 24. He’s obviously a Democrat favorite for some reason. Watch the two clips:

The antifa crowd didn’t know who he was at the time:

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