Democrats Are Angry Trump Didn’t Insult Columbus and Early Settlers


It has been 525 years since Christopher Columbus opened up a new world of exploration and discovery. We mark the day as the birth of the continent which people on the left don’t appreciate.

Americans should proudly celebrate Columbus Day which honors the Italians who introduced the New World to the Old and paved the way for Italian immigrants enduring an arduous journey many years later. Without Columbus, there would have been no American Dream, not only for Italians, but for people from all over the world.

The left, including many Democrats, are unhappy that President Trump’s Columbus Day statement included many kind words about the holiday’s honoree but made no mention of explorer’s impact on Native Americans.

They are angry Trump didn’t mimic the Democrats’ unnecessarily depressing narrative belittling the holiday and judging people of a different time by today’s standards as they Monday morning quarterback.

Both Barack Obama and Bill Clinton wove Native Americans into the narrative, with the former commenting that the arrival of Columbus wrought, “previously unseen disease, devastation, and violence,” among indigenous populations, AOL moralized. 

“At least 16 states, including Alaska, Hawaii and Oregon, don’t recognize Columbus Day as a public holiday,” notes CNN. The Democrats at CNN wanted Trump to talk about our alleged “dark history”.

Columbus was actually benign for his times according to many historians. There is numerous evidence of Columbus instructing his crew to treat the natives with kindness and not rape or pillage.

Some cities have replaced Columbus Day with the hard-left’s “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” and in that group, they include people who are descended from Conquistadors, brutal people of their day who introduced scalping to the continent.

It’s no longer simply communist fringe groups maligning Columbus, it’s entire city governments.

Columbus Day honors the Europeans who came here and struggled quietly to build a new and great country. Indigenous Peoples’ Day rejects what is good about our past and our history. The left isn’t just content with adding an Indigenous Peoples’ Day, they want it to replace Columbus. There is a reason for that.

Holidays, especially Columbus Day, are important in preserving what we view as memorable moments in history and they play a role in creating and perpetuating events and ideas. They preserve history. They give us a sense of who we are as a nation. Having a “sense” of history is part of what constitutes history.

Leftists are doing their best to rewrite history. Their demonization of holidays is an important first step in the process.

If they get to abolish Columbus Day, more holidays will follow. They’ve already transformed Washington’s birthday into the anonymous President’s Day. Before that, they added Labor Day – reminiscent of the Marxist International Workers’ day. They are striving to have a national holiday in honor of a Marxist union leader – Cesar Chavez – whose accomplishments are non-existent unless extolling hard-left values is an accomplishment.

July 4th is our one truly patriotic day and it’s on the hit list. Leftist history teacher and America-hater, Bill Bigelow of the Zinn Education Project, wants to end fireworks on July 4th, Independence Day, because we are all supposedly too war-weary.

He would also have us believe that George Washington was a war criminal and Thomas Jefferson plagiarized the Declaration of Independence.

Leftists hate Independence Day as much as they hate the Founding Fathers who were just rich old white men to them. The Founding Fathers didn’t accomplish anything according to their creed. They believe the Founding Fathers exploited the collective.

It isn’t just holidays the leftists are after. They don’t like anything patriotic, including The Star Spangled Banner.

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6 years ago

Columbus was a butcher; reminds me of Black Lives Matter!

Frank S.
Frank S.
6 years ago

Columbus sailed during the height of what we now call “Hurricane Season”, directly into the Caribbean….a hotbed of hurricanes. Try to imagine the prospect of facing 50′ waves, & 120 MPH winds, in a wooden ship about 75′ long. Further, try to imagine any of the loudest Chris critics, attempting the same courageous feat.