Democrats Are Angry with Rosenstein for Releasing Incriminating FBI Emails


Democrats only want information leaked or released if it incriminates Republicans. The fact that the texts released this week make pro-Clinton, anti-Trump FBI staff look plotting and corrupt has them furious.

Since we posted this yesterday, Democrats have stormed the FBI/DoJ for answers as to why the  texts were released. The Judiciary Committee ranking member Jerrold Nadler and two other Democrats confronted the Justice Department on Thursday demanding answers as to why the damning  text messages between FBI employees working on the Russia witch hunt were made public.

They also sent a letter demanding answers which would not have been sent if the texts hurt Republicans — you can be sure of that.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is in the crosshairs of the angry left-wing mob because he didn’t block the release of the Peter Strzok-Lisa Page emails which suggest an FBI conspiracy to take down Donald Trump.

The pro-Clinton, anti-Trump messages were uncovered during the witch hunt against Trump and exposed what appears to be corruption on behalf of pro-Clinton embeds in the FBI.

One of the messages by agent Strzok spoke of an “insurance policy” he seemed ready to unleash in case Trump was elected. Another text by his mistress Lisa Page suggested they communicate via the “secret phones” they use with Hillary. Pretty damning stuff.

One of the irate Democrats was Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin who is one of 58 House Democrats who voted to impeach Trump without any evidence of a crime. Today he attacked Rosenstein.

Raskin claimed the release of the text messages show “that there are people in the Department of Justice who apparently are cooperating with this effort to undermine the integrity and the strength of this special counsel investigation.”

The DOJ, Raskin argued, should have withheld the damning messages, which were exchanged on taxpayer-funded cell phones.

Raskin said “the key thing to understand is that all of those text messages are totally irrelevant” and claimed they were nothing more than political opinions.

Democratic California Sen. Dianne Feinstein told Mother Jones on Wednesday that the messages “are being used for propaganda purposes.” She added: “I think there’s an ongoing effort to malign both Bob Mueller and the work that that Special Counsel Office is doing. They are grabbing at every single thing to try to demean him.”

They’re the propagandists but this is what they do, say the opposite of what is actually the reality.

Benjamin Wittes, a staunch ally of former FBI director James Comey, claimed in a blog post that the text messages’ publication were part of “a partisan circus.”

In his testimony on Wednesday, Rosenstein said the DOJ “consulted with the inspector general to determine that he had no objection to releasing the material” before doing so. “If he had, we would not have released it,” Rosenstein said.

The Inspector General’s report might be done by Spring.


  1. “Democratic California Sen. Dianne Feinstein told Mother Jones on Wednesday that the messages “are being used for propaganda purposes.” She added: “I think there’s an ongoing effort to malign both Bob Mueller and the work that that Special Counsel Office is doing. They are grabbing at every single thing to try to demean him.””

    She could just as well be speaking of the OBVIOUS to malign both our duly elected President Trump and the work that he and the Republicans are doing. Feinstein is just another typically hypocritical liberal liar. She is completely full of feces.

  2. When in reality, the entire Mueller investigation is unconstitutional to begin with. In order to appoint a Special Prosecuter, you must have a crime that’s already been identified to investigate. They’re letting Mueller to just dig around is like releasing a bull in a China shop!

  3. Mr. Strzok writes the following to Ms. Page:
    I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office – that there’s no way he gets elected – but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk. It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40
    Presumably, “Andy” refers to Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe…………….What do you think the odds are that FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe will not show up next week in front of the House Judiciary Committee? If he does indeed show up, that’s probably the one congressional hearing this year that will be well worth watching live.

  4. Here we go again. After the devastating release of text messages NOW a report Mueller wants emails from the data firm Trump hired. This is another case of positive Trump news getting buried by Mueller and his team of leakers.

  5. The democrats are also on the record for praising Mueller endlessly about how much he’s doing a fantastic job, when in reality he managed to throw a couple of pieces of cheese to the demorats by getting meaningless charges against people that have nothing to do with Russian collusion. Wait til they find out that this whole special council was actually to uncover and reveal all the crimes and corruption from the previous administration.

  6. Sounds like someone is running scared.

    A release like this could very well be a prelude to details even more significant than Watergate. It’s quite possible this was given out in order to “prepare” the public for the coming storm. If it were dropped all at once the result could end up being a disaster. Also, maybe this is a tactic to ferret others that are unknown.

    Raskin’s statements are rather funny (humorous) for someone in elected office who “should” have more intelligence than some backwoodsman. There are enough details to date that smells like an elaborate conspiracy by many actors across many parts of Government. All of a sudden, NOW, there is a “problem” with “leaks”. Oh wait, this is Not a leak but an Authorized Release.

    Furthermore, how does Raskin or Feinstein “know” this hampers the Special Counsel investigation. Maybe this is precisely what IS being investigated and the reason Rosenstein is hesitant to discuss Anything Mueller related.

    I suspect Democrats are seriously worried about what has finally been divulged. They’ve been the experts in using conspiracy tactics for a very long time to further their goals. Project Veritas has proven this beyond any doubt, and now their facade is coming down. The media will be in a real predicament if what is suspected is what happened. No wonder FusionGPS was SO frantic in keeping the secrets. If the media collusion is fully revealed it could also destroy them. It would be quite interesting to see how THEY handle THAT.

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