Democrats Are “Freaking Out” Over Biden’s Polling


Democrats are panicking over the President’s polling in the 2024 election – they’re freaking out.

Black voters are not enthusiastic about Joe Biden.

Politico says a “pervasive sense of fear has settled in at the highest levels of the Democratic Party over President Joe Biden’s reelection prospects.”

Black leaders are also warning the President that his plan to woo Black Democrats is failing.

“The publicly voiced concern from these Black Democrats isn’t that the White House lacks policy achievements — it’s that Black voters aren’t hearing about them. Worse, they fear that the Biden campaign has not fully grasped the severity of the information gap at hand, particularly in key battleground states.”

He doesn’t lack policy achievements – true. He’s effectively turning us into a far-left nation with a bad economy and a replacement population.

So impressive.

A Wall Street Journal survey in April found that 30 percent of Black men were either “definitely or probably going to vote” for Donald Trump. This is drastically up from the 12% share that Trump carried in 2020.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump led incumbent Joe Biden in six out of seven highly contested states for the 2024 Election, according to a recent survey by The Wall Street Journal conducted with pollsters from each political party.

While Trump’s lead among the voters varied between 2 to 8 percentage points, the advantage grew to double digits when participants were surveyed on specific election issues. Biden does well on only abortion rights, with a narrow lead in the “protecting democracy” category.

Biden’s loss of young voters is unprecedented compared to his 2020 campaign.

An NPR poll shows that Trump and Biden are statistically tied. Younger voters don’t approve of the job Biden is doing, don’t like him, don’t think he has the mental fitness to be president, and don’t think he’s handling the most important issues very well.

Arab Americans are threatening not to vote, and they are crucial to Biden winning swing states.

Arab Americans are unhappy with Joe Biden. Forty percent of Arab Americans in key US swing states say they are ‘not enthusiastic at all’ about November’s election. They’re angry over Gaza. Eighty-eight percent of Arabs are angry about his handling of the war. They will change their minds if Biden does something to stop the war.

Complicating matters is the millions of people moving from blue to red states. It’s not clear how they will vote.

It’s still hard to believe they are running dementia Joe. It could change at the convention.

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