Democrats Are Now Saying Aloud They Want Illegals to Vote


All but five Democrats in the House voted against the SAVE Act to ban illegal aliens from voting. It’s not likely it will pass the Senate, where Democrats hold the majority.  Biden will veto it in any case.

Democrats want illegal aliens to vote. They are now saying it.

Rep. Summer Lee made it clear she wants illegal aliens to vote.

It’s not only Summer Lee. They are blatantly telling Americans they want foreigners to vote.

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) said requiring that only American citizens vote “is designed to jam people up and prevent Americans from voting.”

What Americans is he talking about? South Americans? Central Americans? Years ago, Nancy Pelosi called the undocumented New Americans.

Michigan Gov. Whitmer signed bills into law that will prohibit election recounts conducted due to allegations of fraud.

It can’t get much clearer. They want illegal aliens to vote.

Democrats think you are very stupid.

Stacey Abrams told us as much in 2018. She is tied to the American Red-Green axis.

When Barack Obama gave this interview years ago, many believed he was subtly suggesting illegal aliens could vote, and no one would know.


Illegal aliens have gotten debit bank cards, cash, and housing assistance from the UN while in their home country to help them when they come in illegally.

Catholic Charities has aided and abetted the illegal immigration. They’ve spent millions while “profiting billions.” San Antonio police confirmed Catholic Charities’ involvement.

People who have contributed nothing to this country are given social security numbers when they enter and collect within four months. They also get driver’s licenses in several states. That’s all they need to vote. They don’t even have to vote. Once they’re registered, corrupt Democrats can fill out their ballots. It’s virtually impossible to prove that the votes are illegal in the three days after the election.

Democrats are tearing down the country in real-time before our eyes, and still, half the country wants to vote them back into office. What happened to Americans?


Black people, you’re being replaced too.

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