Bannon Speaks About Biden from Prison


Democrat leaders, including House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, the chairs of the Congressional Black Caucus and Congressional Hispanic Caucus, as well as “Squad” leaders Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Ilhan Omar (D-MN), have stated emphatically that Biden is their guy.

Democrats are in an impossible situation of their own making. Biden has the funds and the delegates. He’s probably not going anywhere.

Steve Bannon offered his opinion from prison.

Former White House strategist and host of “War Room,” Steve Bannon, is currently serving a four-month prison sentence for not answering a subpoena by a corrupt rogue panel investigating J6.

He gave his first interview since his imprisonment in an email exchange with Breitbart News.

Bannon shared his views about Joe Biden as nominee.

Bannon said, “We got the candidate we want,” referring to Biden.

He is the one Donald Trump will beat.

Aside from political issues, Bannon described Biden’s health as a “national security crisis.” distinct from political concerns.

“We have two issues and it’s important to keep them separated. First, a national security crisis driven by the cover-up of the condition of a Commander-in-Chief that only is ‘on’ from 10 am to 4 pm and then with the type of glazed look that we saw at the debate. This impacts the entire country and the world. We must get to the bottom of it and must do that now. This is not about whether Biden can serve four more years but can he get the country safely to January 2025?”

Bannon called the Democratic Party’s primary process “phony” and accused party leaders of disenfranchising millions of voters.

“The reality is they disenfranchised millions of voters by having a phony primary. The powers that be in the Democratic Party know Biden can’t beat Trump. But they are stuck and it will take a trenching tool to dig him out,” Bannon stated.

“The political goal here for MAGA is to ‘toxify’ the process of the Democratic bait and switch as much as possible…

“This is all process and the American voter should be armed with minute-by-minute information on what is actually going on… I’m sure they will be repulsed.”

The Political Prisoners

Navarro and Bannon are languishing in prison since the courts did not recognize their executive privilege, Garland did the same thing except the subpoena in his case was legitimate. Nothing is happening to Garland.

Rep. Andy Biggs posted on X:

“Merrick Garland defied lawful congressional subpoenas and continues to walk freely.

“Political targets like Steve Bannon and Peter Navarro stand against an illegitimate partisan committee and are thrown behind bars.

“Congress must do more to right the ship.”

Rep. Anna Paulina Luna wants to hold Garland in “inherent contempt.”

Donald Trump agrees.

“I AGREE with Anna Paulina Luna and the many House Members who think Merrick Garland should be held in INHERENT CONTEMPT for refusing to release the Biden Tapes even though they were subpoenaed! The House Republicans should also subpoena Deranged Jack Smith and look into his ILLEGAL INVESTIGATION of me immediately. And they should pass the SAVE ACT immediately to stop illegals from voting in our elections. Republicans MUST GET TOUGH about stopping weaponization and cheating! They may just be coming for me and my elections today, but they will come for all the Republicans very soon if they succeed!”

Democrats can’t win fairly because their policies are terrible. So they opened the borders and weaponized the agencies of government.


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