Democrats Continue the War on Women from the White House


Biden’s war on women continues. The Democrat HHS under Xavier Becerra and Rachel Levine has replaced the word “mother” with “birth parent.” It’s ironic since Melinda Gates funds Biden and is backing his campaign because she says he cares about women.

Since when is “Mother” stigmatizing? HHS thinks it is.

This is what a Democrat woman looks like. Rachel Levine is the Assistant Secretary of HHS who lived most of her life as a man married to a woman.

In Brave New World by Aldous Huxley, the talk about mothers and fathers is considered obscene because children are raised to fulfill a very particular and specific role in life. The only loyalty is to the state and ‘stability.’ They are encouraged to avoid forming strong attachments to anyone, including family, friends, and lovers. Therefore, by making the concept of family outdated and inappropriate, society can remain individual and disconnected from each other.

Is that what Democrats want? A Brave New World?

Where are the women’s groups protesting? Oh, that’s right, they don’t care about women, only leftism. Women’s groups are a hoax perpetrated on Americans.

This ad was banned.

Here’s a Democrat’s idea of a woman. They’re so caring.

Democrats are willing to break the law to betray women.

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