Democrats Pass a Phony Gas Gouging Bill


The Consumer Price Gouging Prevention Act of 2022 passed, but only with Democrat votes. The reason Republicans didn’t vote for it is it’s a fraud. Joe Biden is attempting to shift the blame for the high price of gas to the gas and oil industry. He claims they are gouging. They are not. This gas inflation is on Joe Biden.

The bill sponsored by Rep. Kim Schrier, D-Wash., and Rep. Katie Porter, D-Calif., would make it illegal to sell gas at an excessive price during an energy emergency.

Kim Schrier, Official Portrait

There is a good chance Democrats will use this act to keep the gas companies from making any money on gas. The companies aren’t making the profits Biden claims. Exxon alone lost billions in the last 10 quarters and $20.1 billion in December 2020.

Democrats want price control like any authoritarian regime, and they want to pretend the companies are gouging.

Meanwhile, in the blue cities, the government won’t give up their profit. The taxes on gasoline are actually going up in California in July.

“At a time when people in my district and across the country are feeling the pain of high prices at the gas pump, Congress needs to be doing all we can to bring down costs,” Schrier said in a statement.

Schrier said the FTC needs to have the power to investigate and crack down when there’s evidence of real gouging.

House Republican Whip Steve Scalise wrote to Republican members that the bill was an “attempt by the Majority to distract and shift blame” for high gas prices. Scalise wrote that there was no evidence of gas price gouging.

UPI blames Putin and COVID for the high price of gasoline. That’s just not the complete story. This is all on Joe Biden. He forced the lockdowns and he spent wildly while suffocating the oil and gas industry. This is another Democrat ruse to back up one of Joe’s lies that the shortage is due to gouging.

Americans won’t fall for it.

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