Democrats Push for Housing Reparations


A national reparations program is stalled in Congress but it’s making progress in state and local governments, according to Axios. Democrats want to close the housing gap with wealth redistribution from white people to black people.

Far-left Axios says reparations are necessry to redress generations of damages from slavery and other state-sanctioned discriminatory practices.

Axios claims the homeownership gap is driven by decades of unequal access to mortgage financing.

An independent advisory committee in St. Paul, Minnesota, presented its recommendations this week for the next steps in the city’s reparations push. It cited proposals to address inequities in housing. This included a forgivable down payment assistance fund as reparations.
  • “Direct cash payment is at the top, but then there’s things that follow that: housing, education, health and wellness, business [opportunities], and the criminal injustice system,” Trahern Crews told Axios. Trahern Crews is a violent Black Lives Matter organizer and a communist.
  • Crews said the fallout over George Floyd’s murder brought renewed interest and urgency to the effort in St. Paul. “I believe that St. Paul is leading right now on reparations for the whole country,” he said.

Democrats are calling for reparations in every area of life, not just housing. They are abandoning equality and moving to equity. They demand equal outcomes, unearned outcomes. It’s a Marxist tenet.

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1 year ago

There is no doubt anymore that at least 50% of the Democrat Party has gone full blown Communist. The Elites of the Republican Party (RINOs) are moving towards a Corporatocracy. The only way the UniParty, Democrats and RINOs can stay in power is to steal Elections. Playing with the Housing Market will just set the stage for another housing market collapse and a Trillion Dollar Bailout of Banks. Government money printing is just turning cash into trash.

If Traitor Joe is not removed from the White House immediately and Democrats move to a Sane Energy Policy before 2025 the Market will be under $10,000 and we will be in Depression. If the Government tries to print money to recover, the US Dollar will Collapse.

mostly grey
mostly grey
1 year ago

We are fast approaching the Zimbabwean business model. If your economy is in trouble and inflation is out of control, your dollar increasingly worthless, no problemo, just print more. If your laws aren’t/can’t/won’t be enforced, no problemo, just make more. If your citizens don’t obey gommermint agencies, no problemo, just create more.

Canadian Friend
Canadian Friend
1 year ago

This will be sub prime economic crash number two !

Although democrats and the media lying trough their teeth have always said the 2008-2009 subprime crash was because Bush and republicans did not do a good job of regulating.

The truth is that democrats had forced banks to give mortgages to black people who had bad credit history, who were unreliable payers to correct some imaginary injustice.

The only reason blacks have lower percentage of house ownership is because they are not reliable payers, they don t always pay their mortgage and eventually the bank takes back the house.

It has nothing to do with racism or with ” mean whites who want to keep blacks down ”

Long story short,

democrats are doing it again

millions of blacks will get a house and a mortgage, they will default, the banks will take back their house, this will affect the economy, will cause a panic, the stock market will crash.

Republicans had warned democrats several times ( I would show you evidence butyou tube made the video disapear ) that lending money to blacks who had bad credit history would eventually cause a crash.

Democrats refused to make any change.

The media created the story that it was republicans who did not manage the situation well and that it was banks who were too predatory ( well there is a bit of that)

but lending money to people known for not paying is an accident waiting to happen

and it will happen again

Michigan J Frogg
Michigan J Frogg
1 year ago

Yes, this^^^, all of this.