Democrats’ Seven Days of Rage


Democrats have willfully and with great satisfaction used claims of racism, homophobia, Islamophobia, and all other anti-identity group phobias to their best advantage. They never miss a beat and relish the applause from their followers and the media.

Hooray says the media! You called them racists! Thank you, thank you, say the politicians. Wait until you see our next act.

Media and Democrats, who gladly embrace the hard-left, including violent Marxists like Black Lives Matter and Antifa, are embracing the Chuck Schumer-Nancy Pelosi bad governance model, which is to offer the deal only a Democrat could love and then call it a compromise.

It was no compromise. It was a deal Obama would love to sign up for. It furthered chain migration, gave almost nothing for a wall, and basically just changed the name of the lottery visa program. It added things like immediate paths to citizenship for DACA and the opening to keep DAPA here.

While the President said he would sign whatever they sent because he trusted them, he could never sign such an absurd proposal. Republicans won Congress and the White House but Democrats will not accept that. They act like they are in charge.

Democrats have moved on from to bullying the President with more widespread claims of racism but the rage against an alleged “s***hole” remark continues into its seventh day.

But…but…Trump called black nations “s***holes”, the now seven-day story goes, the story only Durbin backs up.

The racist accusation has gone worldwide. Democrats in the media and in congress who promote the story all forget to mention the President said he wanted more people from Norway and ASIA! The media even found a woman in Norway who doesn’t want to live in the U.S. and a black man in Haiti who cried because the President might think his decrepit nation is a “s***hole”.

The left gets to call Republicans racist, the media disseminates the false claim, and Republicans cringe and melt away. Democrats still have a free pass as they have had for decades.

The only one who heard Trump call Haiti or Africa or wherever, a “s***hole” was Durbin, but it was confirmed, check out the headline from Politico: “Durbin Confirms Trump’s “S—hole Remarks During Meeting”. It’s confirmed! And then there’s Lindsey who said, Durbin is very honest and he trusts him. Durbin is  known for making up exactly these kinds of stories,

Lindsey Graham joined the Democrats in their push for amnesty because he, like Flake, McCain, Collins, are really Democrats.

The people who didn’t hear the comment are being called liars although they have no history of lying, and the man who embarrassed this nation by leaking, is left untouched. Durbin is honest, everyone knows it, even though that is provably false. Durbin has always been a partisan hack and his district is a “s***hole”. He has forgotten the people in his own district.

Those who hail the non-stop 24/7 attacks on Trump are 90% of the media, every Democrat and most Republicans who are leveraging their own demise. It’s not that Trump isn’t part of the problem, he is, it is that he has done a lot right, he is the President, and no one will give him or anyone on the right a chance. The right-wing Republicans don’t fight for themselves or him, even when he is right.

That leaves an open field on which the Democrats can play, unhampered by ethical considerations, fully partisan, and wallowing gleefully in the Progressive echo chamber. At the end, is the golden football of a permanent Progressive electoral majority.

Racism works! Isn’t it the people who use race for their ends, isn’t it they who are the racists?

Isn’t it racist to lure unAmerican foreigners into the country with low-paying jobs, crummy housing and other welfare benefits to make them a permanent underclass? Isn’t that…slavery?

Well, Democrats are the party of slavery and Jim Crow. They are the control freaks.

We owe something to our black community and should be sensitive to what they have gone through and do what we can to make things equal and just, but the illegal foreigners coming in are not them nor do they deserve to reap benefits only our American Blacks deserve.

Instead, the illegals are taking from them. We don’t owe them a thing more than we owe anyone else in the world and we have already giving a lot more than other nations.

What we need is a lawful, orderly system of immigration, but amnesty shouldn’t be our number one concern simply because the hard-left is screaming the loudest. We have far bigger problems.

Democrats don’t have to do anything for black votes so they don’t. White middle class are no longer of much use either. It’s all going to foreigners, especially illegal ones, and if they can’t be assimilated or adopt to our values, so much the better.  If criminals and terrorists get to stay, so be it, small price to pay since citizens are irrelevant anyway. That is the future of the Democrat Party and the demise of the Republican.

Democrats are the spoiled children stomping their feet and the goodies usually come.


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