Democrats to Destroy the US with a Bill


Democrats are planning for a one-party country with an authoritarian government and draconian laws. The quickest way for them to do that is what they’ve doing – flooding the country with illegal aliens and refugees from countries with values different from ours.

With a massive influx, there is no time for them to assimilate. At the same time, they are allowing them to take jobs from Americans, drive cars, and collect welfare in an effort to legitimize them.

That is why we see the uncontrolled influx at the border. The Biden regime has made no effort to stem the tide and will make no effort although they violate the law each day by doing nothing.

In August, there were over 208,000 illegal aliens storming the border and we don’t have the numbers for September. This doesn’t include the getaways which could double that number.

In October, we expect over 400,000 with it getting worse by November.


The sly Democrats planned it and have a provision in the bill to guarantee they become Democrat voters in the near future.

There is a provision in the $3.5 trillion socialist/communist bill that will grant amnesty to anyone currently in our country illegally.

Democrats are sending them all over the country and to the swing states in particular.


“Major policy changes deserve rigorous debate by our representatives in Congress and the public. Yet an amnesty for an estimated eight million people has been slipped into a reconciliation bill in order to avoid hearings and quickly advance the bill with only a simple majority in the Senate,” says an analysis sent to email subscribers Wednesday from the Center for Immigration Studies.

“The amnesty for 8 million illegal immigrants contained within the budget reconciliation bill would generate a total cost to Social Security and Medicare Part A of roughly $1 trillion in present value. Under current law, illegal immigrants are net contributors to Social Security and Medicare because they partially pay into entitlement programs, but most cannot legally receive benefits,” the analysis says.

If these millions are suddenly given amnesty and citizenship, they all become beneficiaries, “imposing steep costs” on both funds, which are already near insolvency.

The amnesty will make these people citizens sooner rather than later.

Criminals are welcomed.

“The DHS secretary is given the ability to waive applicants’ criminal, smuggling, student-visa abuse, and unlawful voting grounds of inadmissibility ‘for humanitarian purposes or family unity’ or ‘if a waiver is otherwise in the public interest,’” the CIS analysis says. The secretary can also waive any of the criminal grounds of inadmissibility. The bill also prevents the secretary from “automatically treat[ing] an expunged conviction as a conviction.” Convictions will no longer be a bar to a green card as the bill allows convictions for offenses – regardless of how heinous or violent – to be wiped off the applicant’s record.

“If House leadership wants to grant amnesty to alien criminals, they should at least have the decency to let the American people, let alone their fellow partisans and colleagues in the GOP, know what they are up to. And if they did not intend to offer a massive, unending amnesty to criminal aliens, they should have taken their time in drafting their proposal — and not be attempting to jam through haphazard language drafted hours before it was presented to committee members,” Andrew Arthur, the Center’s resident fellow in law and policy, said.

“If these provisions become law, an already overwhelmed USCIS will be flooded with amnesty applications and special legal immigration carve-out petitions on top of standard immigration benefit requests. The backlogs will skyrocket, ensuring that it will take decades before the final adjustment of status application is adjudicated and all of the aliens who file will be eligible for a work permit,” said Robert Law, the Center’s director of regulatory affairs and policy.

This will destroy the safety nets as even legal immigration increases.

The work permits allows these illegals to take any job from Americans. There are no protections for Americans – quite the opposite.

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