Hey Media, Florida Has the Lowest COV Infection Rate in the Country


Remember this summer when the Leftist media was railing against Florida over their surge in COVID? It meant non-stop headlines ridiculing Governor DeSantis and Floridians. Now that the surge has moved north and Florida has the lowest COVID infection rate of any state in the nation, you don’t hear a word from them.

The Daily Caller reported that hospitalized patients in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida are down more than 73% since September 1st.

Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia surged 1000% from late July and it continues. Hospitalizations in Michigan, New Hampshire, Minnesota, and Colorado doubled.

So where is the media and Dr. Fauci to bash the north?

Go to The NY Times link to view this chart:

Two of The Fools

On Another Note

Governor DeSantis plans to offer $5,000 to unvaccinated or vaccinated police officers to come to Florida, and will bring it to the next legislative session. He pledged to treat them better than where they are. He said the vaccine mandates will wreak havoc on the economy. The air cargo industry is asking for a delay in the vaccine mandate until after the holidays. The supply chain problem is growing.

He IS NOT doing it over the vaccine. He’s doing it over the low morale of police officers in some of these places where they can’t enforce the law. Governor DeSantis had this in the works months ago. Of course, he would take vaccinated officers also.


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