Dems push hard to end the filibuster to acquire absolute power


Democrats want to totally silence Republicans by ending the filibuster in the Senate. They want all the power with none going to the minority.

The push is on. If they do push this through, they will have free rein to do anything they desire. Since the Democrat Party is controlled by communists, fascists, and socialists, people should be deeply concerned.

Watch Warren propagandize eliminating the voice of the minority so she can do whatever she wants:

Imagine what this airhead AOC will do without any controls placed on her:

Lee, another socialist and a Castro lover, wants all the power:

Marxist Robert Reich is using white supremacy propaganda to push for total control:

Guy Benson responded to Reich:

Stephen Miller did too:

Radical Ed Markey is pushing for it:

Communist Jayapal wants it to end:

Hard-left Padilla wants it to end:




  1. End the “filibuster” doesn’t “end” the filibuster. It only ends the faux filibuster. Senators can still filibuster in “real time”. Of course it may be difficult with such aging individuals who can barely read the scripts provided by staff.

  2. Meanwhile Harry Reid is pushing hard against some rogue exercise equipment.
    A comrade rings a bell before it gets too rough.
    We’ll have to pass it to see what’s in it for the good of the unity.

  3. The majority and minority leaders in the House and the Senate already have too much power (by way of punishing non-compliance) in determining how the rest of their members vote. Rather than vote according to what their own constituents want, members are threatened with self-inflicted political suicide if they vote opposite from what their leader wants. This is why we have so many partisan votes on issues that would otherwise result in bi-partisan support as most should.

    Abolishing the filibuster would relieve the majority party in the Senate of ever having to compromise or seek support from the minority party. Those that favor it are merely striving to change our constitutional republic into a pure democracy…otherwise known as mob rule.

    Their next goal might be to remove the requirements in Article V of the Constitution for two thirds of both Houses or the legislatures of two thirds of the states being required to call a Convention for proposing Amendments….and do away with the requirement for ratification of proposed amendments by three quarters of the states.

    Fortunately, any changes to Article V would require a ratified amendment which would be subject to the provisions in Article V.

    However, the Democrat Party is well practiced in ignoring the constitution so they really have little need of amending it.

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