Dems Release What They Hope Is a Winning Platform of Tax Hikes


Democrats have a strong platform and the GOP should be shaking in their boots over this: they hate Trump, they hate guns, and they want to raise taxes. That should get them all elected in their alternative universe. The best is their desire to hike taxes.

Democrats have a tax plan to undo Trump’s tax cuts and bring down the economy. What a platform! Forbes reports that Congressional Democrats have released their tax hike plan. They promise to put it forward if you vote for them.

All that talk about keeping the budget deficit neutral was fake apparently. Are you shocked? Democrats want to raise taxes and aren’t interested in reducing the debt. They want to spend that tax hike money on god-knows-what.

Democrats want to win so bad, they are willing to raise our taxes and kill business. That’s how desperate they are. Who could resist a platform like this? The GOP must be jealous they didn’t come up with this first.

The donkey party should have a new motto, we will raise your taxes and put more money in your wallet.

The Killer Platform

Democrats want to go after business and increase the top marginal income tax rate from 37 percent to 39.6 percent. This nearly 3 percentage point increase in the top personal rate is not only a hike in the top bracket levy, but it’s also a direct tax increase on small and mid-sized businesses.

The corporate tax rate is not high enough for them and they plan to start inching back up. We had the highest in the world pre-Trump. They will increase the corporate income tax rate from 21 percent to 25 percent. All those companies who are building factories because of the lower rate will go back overseas.

Bring back the alternative minimum tax (AMT) for 4 million families. Before long, it will expand and reach millions more.

Cut the “death tax” standard deduction in half. The standard deduction was doubled under Trump.   Under Democrats, more family businesses and farms will be subject to these taxes upon the death of the head of the family. it makes it impossible for many families to inherit the family business.

Another interesting fact is the plan hits blue states hardest. How can that be? All we heard from Andrew Cuomo and Jerry Brown is how they won’t tolerate the unfairness of the tax cuts on their blue states.

What’s not to love? They want to kill us with taxes and damage the economy. It’s a Socialist dream platform.

Sarcasm aside, why do they want to push this when a plurality of Americans support the tax cuts and the economy is doing so well?



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