Dems Rewrite History, Change Fort Bragg to Fort Liberty


Using the death of George Floyd as a reason, the Department of Defense will rename military installations. The plan is to erase Confederate names. The first is Fort Bragg, which is now Fort Liberty.

These installations have far more of a history than the Confederacy. Many soldiers left Fort Bragg for World War II, Vietnam, etc.

They will rename them after black soldiers, women, and US presidents.

The North Carolina base was originally named in 1918 for Gen. Braxton Bragg, a Confederate general from Warrenton, North Carolina, who owned slaves.

Probably no one has any attachment to Gen. Bragg, but the idea of leftists rewriting history is disturbing. They have to control everything.

“Fayetteville in 1775 signed one of the first accords declaring our willingness to fight for liberty and freedom from Great Britain,” said Donahue, referring to the city adjacent to the base. “Liberty has always been ingrained in this area.”

The cost to rename Fort Bragg — one of the largest military installations in the world by population — , Col. John Wilcox said Friday.

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