Dems, RINOs Plot Against Rex Tillerson for Downsizing Bloated State Department


The New York Times sees Rex Tillerson’s draining of the swamp as the natural culmination of his contentious relationship with his work force. The former Exxon CEO sees State as the bloated bureaucracy it is. RINOs have joined forces with Democrats to plot against him for draining their beloved big government.

The diplomats are sounding the alarm as Tillerson thins the ranks. When he began as the head of State, he fired most of the infamous 7th floor. He has continued doing what he told the President he would do.

Hillary gave the chief of security Bill Miller direct access to her but Tillerson avoided him which has been Miller’s cue to leak that he cited the law to Tillerson allowing him to speak directly to the secretary of state. Miller then joined the line out the door.

In a letter to Mr. Tillerson November 16, Democratic members of the House Foreign Relations Committee, citing what they said was “the exodus of more than 100 senior Foreign Service officers from the State Department since January,” expressed concern about “what appears to be the intentional hollowing-out of our senior diplomatic ranks.”

Unsurprisingly, Senator John McCain, Republican of Arizona, and Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Democrat of New Hampshire, sent a similar letter, telling Mr. Tillerson that “America’s diplomatic power is being weakened internally as complex global crises are growing externally.”

If John McCain and the Democrats don’t like it, you know Tillerson is on the right track.

Senator John McCain and Senator Bob Corker demand that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson spend more money or face being hauled up to congress for Senate investigative hearings on his excessive streamlining and productivity efforts. These two RINO clowns are currently investigating his running of the department.

Sens. Jeanne Shaheen (D-N.H.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) are insisting Secretary of State Tillerson lift a hiring freeze and promote experienced Foreign Service officers [swamp critters].

McCain thinks he is the president He’s also no Republican.

If only Tillerson could clear out the dead wood in State.

The New York Times is unhappy too, especially since he fired Hillary operative Patrick Kennedy and six other top Obama-Bush holdovers in his first month on the job.

Tillerson has hired two consulting companies to reorganize the department to slash the budget by 31 percent. He appears to be the only department head actually doing it, following through on Trump’s directive.

Tillerson has frozen hiring and offered a $25,000 buyout to get rid of 2,000 career diplomats. The NY Times is claiming they are picking on African-American and Latino diplomats and women, victims of diversity. If they were honest, the Times would admit they are concerned because they’re Obama plants.

Bloomberg claims he’s not draining the swamp, he’s decimating the department. In fact, he’s doing both, draining the swamp critters and emptying out the dead wood with partisan agendas.

Those who aren’t fired are retiring.

He’s also not filling a lot of the positions, which has the Times reeling. Those ushered out the door are spreading fake news about a vacuum in State with too many junior people in top jobs. Most of the complainers are old Democrats, the party of elderly leaders, and old RINOs.

Tillerson knows how to run an organization efficiently, something politicians in Congress don’t.

Draining the swamp is picking off the inefficient partisans who want to run the government on their own without interference. He’s actually doing it.

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