Dems rise up in rage after Surgeon General scolds media


After the passage of the Covid-19 stimulus, U.S. Surgeon General Jerome Adams took the media to account Saturday for the continuous partisan assault on the administration.

“I want you all to understand — straight talk from the nation’s doctor —  we really need you all to lean into and prioritize the health and safety of the American people,”  Adams told an afternoon White House press briefing. “No more bickering, no more partisanship, no more criticism or finger-pointing; they’ll be plenty of time for that, but we all need to hit the reset button and lean forward, the health and safety of the American people are a top priority.”

He said it in the nicest way and then became a target. Dr. Adams appealed to their humanity. That appears to be a waste of time.

General Adams suggested reporters write stories about how people can access the help they need as opposed to undermining efforts to contain the illness.

Adams said Friday was “a very big, a very important day for our nation’s providers and for our nation’s patients in terms of the emergency declaration.” With the passage of legislation to address Covid-19, more people will get more help. It’s good news.

He said the illness will get worse and then better, but 9″8, 99% will recover.”

Watch [we can’t help the brief ad at the start, and make no money from it]:


With that, the hate-filled trolls filled the Twitter platform with acrimonious invective and lies.

As you look at these, tell us what you think is the common thread? This goes on all day, every day on social media.

The first person is a Democratic strategist. His strategy is to lie and spread hate:

This is a Hillary troll:

Brian Stelter, a famously. perfectly awful person:

The hard-left Washington Rep was out blabbering:

This opinonista and fake news activist from far-far-left Politicus USA thinks she knows what facts are:

There are plenty more. The one thing they all have in common, we think, is the desire to control the narrative of hate and vilification. What do you think?

There are only six people in control of the mainstream media and, in general, four people control social media.

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