Dems say they’ll win the presidency, Congress, down-ballots, legislatures with senile Joe & $$$


The Socialist Democrat Party believes they will win the presidency, Congress, and every seat down the line. To cement the deal, they plan to seize on a once-in-a-decade opportunity to drive the redistricting process — and reverse the built-in advantage Republicans amassed over House district lines after the last census, far-left Politico reported.

Actually, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg, and other deep-pocketed leftists have been suing wherever Republicans have the advantage. They always claim the redistricting is racist and they often win these lawsuits.

In addition, Barack Obama and Eric Holder, two far-left Democrats, formed a National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which is in effect a centralized redistricting hub for Democrats “to make sure that what the Republicans did last time was not possible again.”

Democrats want a permanent electoral majority and they are going for it right now.

They see the incumbent president as weak and it is a once-in-20-year opportunity when the redistricting falls in the same year as the presidential election.

Rich Democrats from “Pennsylvania to Texas to Minnesota” are working to win back every legislative chamber, Politico reports.

Well, sure, why not, they do such a magnificent job killing the virus-stricken elderly and eliminating police in these blue cities.


During the Obama-era, the Republicans and Karl Rove zeroed in on winning governor’s offices and battleground statehouses. Socialist Democrats are intent on reversing that.

Biden’s far-left handlers are coordinating with down-ballot races to make sure their candidates win everywhere.

We can all be NY, VA, CA, and IL.

If Trump’s numbers remain low, Democrats will go into Red areas as well.

They believe the environment is ripe [which could be why they want to keep schools shut down through November and why the media-virus -hysteria has started up. It’s also why they keep their violent militia going with occasional words of encouragement.]

Republicans have a similar effort going in states like Texas, Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, and so on, and it won’t be easy for Democrats to flip those seats.

There is a serious threat in Texas, however. Remember 2018. The left pushed in foreigners who vote for Democrats.

If you like the riots, the loss of freedom, the annihilation of the Bill of Rights, definitely vote Democrat.


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3 years ago

The only way the dims win in November is through fraud. Unfortunately, they’ve had a LOT of practice at it.

The Prisoner
The Prisoner
3 years ago

The senat is in jeopardy for 2 main reasons. One is that more repub incumbents are up. The other is that the senate has run away from Trump, similar to what Ryan did in 2018 to deliberately sabotage the house.

For example, Mitch has advised candidates to not supprt Trump’s pandemic policies. It is in writing.

herbert r richmond
herbert r richmond
3 years ago

Dems have an extremely aggressive assault upon America to make sure Democrats rule for decades, especially placing more Leftist judges everywhere.