Dennis Miller Tells Bill O’Reilly It’s “Over”, We Will “Turn Into a Socialist State”


“We have collected from today’s young to pay today’s old and counted on tomorrow’s young to keep doing so. That was a fine scheme as long as the number of young people was rising faster than old people. When that ratio comes to an end, such a system also has to end.” ~Milton Freidman, 2006

And then we will have hell to pay. Not only for that, but for all the entitlements we can no longer hand out. The day of reckoning is coming.

If people really were properly informed about our history from our Founding to at least World War II and if they understood what the right really stands for, it’s doubtful they would choose Socialism and Communism.

However, many of the youth have been brought up into an entitlement culture, they’ve learned history from the likes of Howard Zinn, they buy into political correctness over freedom of speech, they think guns are band, and they’ve ceded their privacy to a government that cannot be trusted.

We’ve been infiltrated for decades by leftist thought in our music, art, news media, and our politics. They’ve even destroyed religion, a necessary component for the supremacy of State.

People with deep-pockets are telling us we need to give people living wages because that is necessary for a Socialist State.

An entire political party is following the lead of the hardcore leftists and the other is weak. Even something as obvious as condemning the Women’s March for hiring terrorists to lead them and for praising a cop killer is too much.

Healthcare will be Stalincare. Republicans have weak leadership and their ranks include Democrats who don’t belong in the party, starting with Susan Collins. That fiasco over healthcare was followed up today with a CNN poll saying most Americans don’t want Obamacare replaced. The poll is probably inaccurate in a number of ways but polls today are used to influence opinion as much or more than they are to gauge it. The poll is meant to be a driving nail into the coffin.

Dennis Miller spoke with Bill O’Reilly last night on Bill’s podcast and he could be exactly right. The country is “kind of shot”. We should all be grateful to Trump that he “slowed it down for a little bit” but it’s “gone too far”.

“Republicans,” he said, “wouldn’t even bring a bill that they voted on two years ago to the floor this time.”

“It’s a big system of graft, corruption, chaos, and citizens eat it, because they’ve been trained to eat it, and we will continue to eat it.”

“It’s a disaster…politicians are creepy, weird guys…who are in it for themselves,” he added.

Bill said the healthcare bill tried to “cap the entitlement system but they couldn’t get it done. They failed. We’re heading for a one-party system and that party will be the “monolithic, Progressive Democratic Party where if you step out of line, we punish you, we destroy you, we cut off your funds if you’re a politician.”

“This is our last stand,” Miller said. He sees Trump as “overly conciliatory” and not “slowing it down. It is going to turn into a Socialist State.”

Miller thinks it will be more “rancorous” than the Scandinavian Socialists, and warns of the colliding of cultures as we turn over to an entitlement State.

The Fox News pundit mentioned sharia to which Bill laughed. However, if Democrats again have the opportunity to pour third world people into the country, people who practice sharia, there will be serious issues. Perhaps not right away, but it will erode our constitution and the rights of others.

In the EU, they have sharia courts, the banning of ads that offend, and they are ahead of us in political correctness to the point of firing professors who dare to fight the leftist system.

Our Founding Fathers gave us freedom, real freedom, and we frittered it away with apathy, complacency, ignorance, and self-indulgence.

At the close of the Constitutional Convention of 1787,  Franklin was queried as he left Independence Hall on the final day of deliberation. In the notes of Dr. James McHenry, one of Maryland’s delegates to the Convention,  a lady asked Dr. Franklin “Well Doctor what have we got, a republic or a monarchy.”  Franklin replied, “A republic . . . if you can keep it.”

Democrats won’t even use the word “Republic”. They want a socialist “democracy” which is why they continually use the word “democracy”.

The discussion was more extended, we’ve offered soundbites. Listen and tell us what your think.

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