Deranged actors have a full meltdown on air as they beg for Joe votes


Lunatic actor Mandy Potamkin and his crazy wife Kathryn Grody went into deranged TV and video clips performances. Grody enacted a violent dance where she stomps on President Trump, perhaps to an imaginary death in a “garbage dump of history.”

Mandy said his wife taught him that every single thing they do is political, and it has given his life meaning. Seriously, that’s from the deranged mind of people who don’t know what life is about.

They are very vulgar, so WARNING, WARNING — they curse:

Here she is doing the crazy interpretive dance [of the hag], showing the violence she would like to inflict on Orange Man Bad.

The hate oozes out of these people:



  1. I thought these crybaby celebrities were going to move to another country if Bush won, then said they would leave the U.S. if Trump won. I notice they are still here. Why don’t they do what they say? Oh that’s right, they are slimy hypocritical morons.

  2. Why do Trump haters say Trump is destroying the world??? I often see democrats saying that but Trump is the first and only president of the last 20 or 30 years that has NOT started a new war…Obama, Bush, Clinton etc they ALL started new wars, but Trump has not started ANY new wars…
    that is not all, Trump is the ONLY president of the last 50 years who has managed to convince the North Korea leader to come and shake hand with the South Korea leader…Trump is doing the opposite of destroying the world.
    What are democrats talking about ??? what is Trump destroying ???

    • Actually these lame brained pure bred idiots do claim that Trump, by defending the Republic, is destroying the Republic…No one can make this up really. These “screw loose jobs” do believe that the way to go IS No Borders which equates to No Country…and no Electoral College which equates to No Constitutional Republic…and whilst they attack the rights afforded by the 2nd Amendment they would do well to remember that the likes of Adolf, Josef, Mao and Pol had one thing in common – the ability to exterminate millions of their UNARMED citizens…

  3. Actors who support the left have a missing link in their brain therefore do not listen to them or you’ll fall down the rabbits hole never finding a way out. Look at what socialism has done to other nation before you vote, these people are wrong.

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