Did You Know Dems Want to Ban All Future Offshore Drilling in BBB


The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee — chaired by Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia — has struck a House-passed provision in the Build Back Better Act to ban all future off-shore drilling off the Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf Coasts, a source close to Manchin confirmed to CNN.

Democrats plan to destroy our fossil fuels in the next few years.

The bill text from Manchin’s committee is not public yet.

Politico first reported the Senate changes to the bill.

Manchin is also planning to raise onshore drilling royalty rates for the US federal oil and gas leasing program to 16.7% from 12.5%, slightly lower than the 18.75% rate in the House version of the bill, the source said. He is raising offshore drilling royalty rates to no less than 14%, which is in line with the House bill.

The evil cancel culture on Twitter is trying to accuse him of all sorts of ethics violations for his stance. They even claim he’s destroying the earth. These Democrats are insane.


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1 year ago

Oh but our Marxist democrat representatives would never mention that. They’re turning this country into Vemezuela.

The Trump Card Is Out There
The Trump Card Is Out There
1 year ago

Remember when Trump had us energy dependent?
It wasn’t that long ago!