Don’t Say Joe Has Dementia — Don’t Believe Your Lying Eyes


Joe Biden couldn’t remember General Austin’s name again. He’s barely aware of what he’s saying. The leftists are claiming Donald Trump messed up as often which is, of course, ridiculous.

We are supposed to pretend Biden is not sinking further into dementia. This is the insane world of the Leftists.

Here he is messing up again. Biden’s tired of reading off the teleprompter. He can’t even read numbers off a teleprompter. Having a president who is mindless is very dangerous. As much as Americans are supposed to pretend this president is normal, our enemies know the truth.

He thinks Kamala is the President and calls her President Harris. Maybe she is the President.

Biden needs to resign. He’s murdering people with COV if we go by Leftist standards. Isn’t that what he accused Donald Trump of doing?

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