Disgraceful! Navy has to reaffirm their oath after suspicions are raised


The disgusting Democrats are suggesting our Navy can’t be trusted. The unhinged Democrat Defense Secretary has ordered them to reaffirm their oath. He said “extremists” will be rooted out. They’re insinuating our sailors aren’t loyal.

Why don’t they start at the top and have the congresspeople, the DoJ, the Supreme Court all reaffirm their oaths first. Democrats are filling their ranks with communists, and can’t be trusted. We should worry about them.

Military.com writes:

When the Navy holds its daylong stand-downs to address the extremist ideologies that leaders say have infiltrated the military ranks, sailors across the fleet will be required to reaffirm the oath they took to the U.S. Constitution.

All Navy personnel — uniformed and civilian — will have to repeat the oath of enlistment or office and discuss what actions betray that promise during the virtual or in-person learning sessions that must be held by April 6. The stand-downs will focus on the “damaging effects of extremism” and how to eliminate it, Chief of Naval Personnel Vice Adm. John Nowell wrote in a service-wide message.

“As public servants, we took an oath to the Constitution and we will not tolerate those who participate in actions that go against the fundamental principles of the oath we share, particularly actions associated with extremist or dissident ideologies,” Nowell wrote.

They don’t care if they’re Antifa or Black Lives Matter. When those groups rioted, they didn’t even blink.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered the one-day events last month after dozens of veterans and service members were arrested in connection with the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. Capitol.

Not counting the veterans, it’s a handful. So, now they are painting all of our sailors and soldiers with the same brush.

“Whether extremists are in the ranks is no longer debatable, he added this week. “It’s really just about to what degree,” John Kirby said.

One can’t help but wonder if they don’t want to cleanse the service of anyone who would vote for a Republican.


The false ‘systemic racism’ narrative has taken over the navy. That is evident in the Pledge they have to take. It’s a far-left pledge which took the place of the original. It’s absolutely shocking.

One line reads: “I pledge to advocate for and acknowledge all lived experiences and intersectional identities of every Sailor in the Navy,” it says.

Are you kidding me? This intersectional nonsense sets up some races in a position of superiority.

Where are the Republicans who will speak the truth — there is no systemic racism?


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